Seafood market on Phuket

When I ask me to tell about the beach of Rawai on the island of Phuket and his sea, I answer: this place is not for swimming, but it is perfect for lunch or dinner. Indeed, the sea on the beach River sometimes goes far away, exposing stones that moored near the shore of the boat remain straight on the sand. But it is here that the fish market is (Phuket Seafood Market or Rawai Seafood Market), where they sell the freshest seafood.

How to get to the fish market in Phuket?

Go from the ring Chalong toward the beach Rawai, drive up to the pier (Rawai Landing Pier) and park somewhere around him. To the left of the pier begins the famous Phuket Seafood Market. The best place to try fresh shrimps, lobsters, mussels or oysters. Seafood so fresh that crabs are still rushing around the aquarium, and shells spit until you choose them.

This place is also called the Marine Gypsy Market due to the village. Sea Gypsy is generalized in Thai called "Chao Le" (Chao Ley) what is translated as "Sea people". Representatives of this small ethnic group are indigenous inhabitants and inhabit some coast and the islands of the Andaman Sea. In the past, they nomaded around the coast, lived in boats, and now some of them build their villages.

Three nationalities live in Thailand: moxen, mochal and lava uric. They have their own language, dialects, authentic culture and animistic beliefs. Most have no citizenship and passports. Many adults Chao Le do not know how to write and read, their children and grandchildren visit schools and teach Thai. Sea Gypsies in the south of something similar to the mountain populations of the North of Thailand – Karen, Hmongami, Fox, Acha. On Phuket In addition to the village on the beach, Rawai Sea Gypsies live near the bay of Saphanhain and on the island of Sire (Koh Sirey), not far from The Westin Siray Bay Resort & SPA and Temple with Golden Stone. There is a pretty big authentic village. Perhaps you will need to write a separate article about them.

Prices in the fish market in Phuket

Sea Gypsies on the beach Ravage earn a living by fishing and riding tourists on nearby islets. If you arrive at the beach of Rawai afternoon, you will definitely offer a national long-taught boat on the island of Lon, Bon, Hehe and others. As soon as you step on the territory of the fishing market, you will be surrounded by trays with marine sinks, pearl threads, various little things from the mother of pearl. It should be known that the decorations from the bazaar on the Beach River are not jewelry, it is rejected pearls, suitable only for jewelry. The cost of such things is low. For example, the long thread of pearls costs no more than 1000 baht, short beads – 250-400 baht.

Each day in the morning, marine gypsies go to catch the inhabitants of the sea depths of the Andaman Sea. For some of them they go out at night. And after an hour of the day, caught a catch laid out on the tables of seafood market. You can come here before sunset, while not so many people, and stay here for dinner.

Prices for food on Phuket

Seafood market street is unique. From one side of it on the tables sell shrimps, lobsters, lobrars, sea perks, octopuses, squid and other sea delicacies, and on the other – there are restaurants where you will be prepared for your taste. Service cost inexpensive – 100 baht per kilogram. See a list of popular dishes in Thailand with Thai Translation and order it.

Fish Market in Phuket - Description, Route, Prices, Video Guide in Phuket

The cost of fresh seafood is small. For example, fish depending on the type and size costs from 100 baht, shrimps – from 300 baht, squid – from 280 baht, octopuses – from 220 baht, shells – from 50 baht, crabs – from 100 baht. All prices per kilogram. Lobsters can be taken 800 baht apiece.

In the restaurants, too, you can order dishes with seafood, but agree that you first buy a kilogram of the freshest shrimps, and then come with a bag in a restaurant, much more interesting. Each cafe personnel will meet with the menu in hand and will offer one of the ways of cooking sea delicacies: barbecue, coupled with various sauces, curry baked in foil in Thai herbs. In addition to Thai food, European dishes are prepared in restaurants. Optionally, not sharp, suitable for children, or vegetarian dishes.

Speakeling to order a white sea perch per pair with lime sauce, crabs in a yellow curry, grilled shrimp or fried with vegetables. And do not forget about the freshest oysters, to them in Thai traditions will be served by pasta chili, lime, garlic and other Thai herbs.

Come try the freshest seafood on the Fish Market Ravai Fish Market. Watch my video from the seafood market on Phuket.

Raisin fish market in Phuket to wander, look at the whole range and choose something liked. There is not even a question that try from Thai cuisine. The process is capturing. If you just want to eat seafood on Phuket, I recommend entering the nearest siphood restaurant, choose fish on ice or floating shrimps. In this case, it is not necessary to go on the market on Rawai, because with the price of a taxi dinner will fly into a penny. Enjoy you walk through all the siphood market and delicious lunch or dinner!

The time of operation of the seafood market on the beach Rawai: with 13.00 to 20.00
Coordinates: 7.775704, 98.329377

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