Fish market in Pattaya

Pattaya began from the north. Rather, with a little fishing villages in the area of ​​the wrong. In the middle of the last century there were only a few families. Of course, the most vintage houses no longer left. But there are wooden houses of development 60-70s.

Part of Pattaya Street reminds Vintage Thailand. In traditional housing, you can see older people who are far from tourism and tourists. In the past, they themselves went fishing, and now they are engaged in their children or younger relatives. If you want to see similar vintage streets with wooden houses, be sure to visit the Chinese market in Pattaya. Stroll around the fair, try local food and take a visit to local residents. Read the detailed article about the Chinese market>>>

Fish market that the locals love so much, opened the very first in Pattaya. For many years, he was the only one in the area of ​​the word, until they built New Naklua Market, where they sell different goods. But with the market of seafood on the range and no one can compete compete.

Before entering the market, right in the middle of the road, a huge tree of Bodhi or ficus sacred spread. When in the 60s built the road, he could not just cut down. According to Thai animistic belts, it is believed that spirits live in the tree. Cut down a similar tree – it means to bring the wrath of.

Powerful ficus fell by multi-colored ribbons, and the base has built the altar in the form of a boat. Many sellers from the fish market every morning bring gifts to the spirits of the sacred ficus. Passing by Thai drivers sign up in respect.

In the market you can meet not only foreigners, but also travel Thai from Bangkok. Prices here are profitably different from seafood restaurants in Pattaya itself. Thais love fresh seafood and good quality, even if the situation in the cafe is very simple.

Seafood market opens with dawn. Fishermen are brought by morning catch until noon. It is best to come watches in 11-12, while there are few tourists, and everything is selling fresh.

Prices in the fish market of the Note:

    Fish market in Pattaya - Prices where is located, how to get a Pattaya Guide
  • Fish from 60-80 baht apiece,
  • Mussels from 50 BAT / kg,
  • Oysters from 40-50 baht apiece,
  • Scallops 150-220 BAT / kg,
  • Crabs 180-250 BAT / kg,
  • Shells 30-50 BAT / kg,
  • squid from 150 bah / kg,
  • Shrimps depending on the size of 180-350 baht / kg,
  • Lobsters from 600-800 BAT / kg,
  • Mechests 240 bah / piece.

Some shops sell ready-made food and fry-filled already purchased seafood. You can choose fresh fish, squid or lobster, and in the cafe you will be prepared for only 40-50 baht. The furnishings are very spacing here: plastic chairs, glue on the table and plastic plates. Postor corresponds to the fish market. Therefore, Thais love to buy food and go to a picnic in a park, which is located near the parking lot.

In addition to fish, the market sells dried seafood, fruits, fried squid kebabs and much more. There is always from what to choose. Come to the market for fresh catches or try something from the gifts of the sea.

How to get to the seafood market in Pattaya

Right near the fish market is the final stop of the Tuk Tukov. The fare from a circle with dolphins is only 10 baht per person. If you get to the market on your transport, follow directly on the path of Pattaya-Naklua, without turning anywhere, to the sacred tree Bodhi. On the left side there will be paid parking for cars and motorbikes.

Working hours: every day from 6:00 to 18:00.
Coordinates: 12.973541, 100.906398

Fish market in Pattaya - Prices where is located, how to get a Pattaya Guide

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