Fish festival

Czech Republic, famous for his magnificent beer and satisfying, diverse and extremely delicious cuisine invites guests to the festival of fish in Prague and Brno.

Piquant roast beef, with lunar Luke slices and pieces of pickled curtroys, melting gentle zrazy with thin slices of crisp scuffs, spicy cabbage in Bohemian with indispensable air cunning, legendary Czech goulash with scenarfish branches and garlic, breathtaking baked Weprevo knee Prague, with crispy ruddy crust and gentle, slightly sweet pulp – All this is not a complete list of delicious delicacies of Czech cuisine.

However, not many know that Czech cuisine is also rich in stunning fish dishes. Festival of fish dishes, which takes place in the seven best restaurants of Prague and Brno until August 15 offers visitors to try the best Czech cuisine fish dishes for only 280 Czech crowns (menu of 3 courses: snack, main dish and dessert).

One of the most popular Prague restaurants Amade (Amade Restaurant), The participants of the festival are located in the heart of Old Gorda (Prague 1), in a magnificent building in the Baroque Palace Palace (Pachta Palace, Palace of Pachtas of Pachtov, Langer’s Palace). Named in honor of Wolfgang Amade Mozart Restaurant Amade offers its visitors with high kitchen dishes, the highest quality and excellent food from the best chefs RADEK ŠUBRT and RADOMíR Benetka. The restaurant’s festival menu consists of tomato fish soup with a cilantro, fried salmon fillet with potato mashed potatoes with pesto mousse and arugula, and on dessert apple baked in a crisp with cranberry.

Restaurant Austria (Austria Restaurace) Located in superbly renovated basements of the Palace of Austria on the street ŠTEFáNikova, not far from the shopping center New Smukhov, Andel (Prague 5) and offers excellent Czech and international dishes. In the restaurant’s festival menu there is a cold baked pepper soup with vegetable tartar sauce and roasted trout fillets, fried pike with a potato parfaisted with sauce sauce and a confine from garlic. As dessert guests can try apple pie with cherry and sour cream.

Restaurant Chateau St. Havel, Located in Prague-4, in the heart of the magnificent English-style park, offers its visitors a variety of Czech and international dishes created by traditional recipes, the taste of which is enriched with modern methods of cooking. The restaurant’s festival menu is represented by a freshwater fish fillet with vegetable jelly, horseradish sauce, crispy toast and oil infused on spicy herbs, rainbow trout fillet with herbs, cooked on wine steam, served sauce saffron, baked seasonal vegetables and potato puree with nutmeg. For dessert, guests of the restaurant can enjoy a chocolate cake with cherries and mint.

Fish festival

Restaurant Fluidum, Located in Prague-3, it is a small cozy family restaurant under the leadership of the Chief of Ondrej Soukup, where the traditions of Czech cuisine in combination with natural environmental clean products with grown local farmers create a unique combination of a saturated taste of dishes and a cozy home atmosphere. FLUIDUM Restaurant Festival Menu is represented by Tesbony carp pickled with vegetables and dill, South Bohemian trout stuffed with lemon grass, with eggplant-tomato cake and a mousse of basilica. For dessert, you can enjoy dumplings made of soft cheese cooked for a couple, with seasonal fruits.

Restaurant-Bistro Krystal Mozaika Bistro, Located in the Prague-8 area, the best Czech cuisine dishes prepared with care and love of only the freshest trilding Czech products from local suppliers will relate to its visitors. Fish festival in the Krystal Mozaika Bistro restaurant is presented with smoked trout rolls with raspberry sauce, pikeout fillet with vegetables and dumplings with cottage cheese and fused oil for dessert.

Also in stock Restaurant Ristorante Rialto In Brno and restaurant u Kone in central Bohemia. Festival will end on August 15.

Fish festival

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