Fish-drop recognized the most bizarre fish on the planet

The most bizarre underwater inhabitant of our planet is called a bull-psychroeter, more famous called Fish-drop.

By the way, this non-very photogenic fish with a sad and at the same time dissatisfied with "grimace" faces extinction.

It dwells this disappearing creation at the depths of 600-1200 m off the coast of Australia and Tasmania, and is considered an Australian endemic. Usually the length of the fish does not exceed 30 centimeters.

One of its main features is considered the absence of a swimming bubble, it is associated with the fact that it dwells at high depths, with very high pressure (for example, 800 meter depth is 80 times higher than that of the water surface), where he simply does not work.

In order for this creation to still be afloat, nature and created it in the form of a pupil mass with a density of slightly smaller than that of water. This allows you to swim, without spending energy at all.

Fish-drop recognized the most bizarre fish on the planet

Fifteen fish-drops swallowing floating past invertebrates, usually or floats with opening or sits waiting for a sailing past.

In general, this fish is incredible, but it is still under threat of disappearance due to active deep-sea fishing, as it becomes increasingly in fishing networks together with edible conifers.

Due to the structure of the front of the head, at the sight of which it seems that the drop-drop is constantly frowning and "unhappy", it ranks first in various ratings of the most strange creatures of the world, and is also a popular character of Internet memes.

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