Fish detected in Africa can live without food and water

In Africa, found fish of rogosub, which can live without water and eating for years. Scientists hope that this will help them move to research on the possibility of suspending human life in critical situations.

Found experts found in adverse conditions slows down all the processes in its body, stops its biological clock and immersed in a dream, which can last from three to five years. At this time it costs without water and food, and also does not produce any waste. Rogozub sleeps while fresh water does not appear in the zone of its reach, writes The Daily Mail.

Fish detected in Africa can live without food and water

Researchers find out what happens at this moment with fish at the cellular level. Once this will allow you to immerse in the same lethargic dream of a person. It would help patients who are in critical condition – would allow the doctors to "buy" the time required for their cure. And also played an important role in conquering the universe, making it possible for a person to fly long distances.

Rogozub – Two-plating fish, which is closest to the four-legged animals, once released from water. Its anatomy gives tips on how animals developed before breathing the air, how their lungs adapt to the fact that the water evaporates.

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