Fish Cave in National Park there

Fish cave in the national park there are places – one of the beautiful and little-known places of Northern Thailand. It is located near the northernmost city of Thailand May Hong Son.

National Park there. Photo Credit: Pvmthai, Flickr

Photo Credit: Pvmthai, Flickr

Briefly about the park there are plastered around &# 171; Fish cave&# 187;

The territory of the park is huge and rich in wildlife, waterfalls and caves. But that part of it is around &# 171; fish cave&# 187 ;, more reminiscent Square with dozens of streams and a network of pedestrian trail.

Photo Credit: Amy and Ryan Parker, Flickr

The area of ​​the park around the cave is a picturesque place with a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Here you can wonder the time to walk on suspended bridges and green alleys. All Park paths there are placed to the most important attractions of the Fish Cave, around which, and it was equipped with a civilian part.

Photo Credit: Pvmthai, Flickr

Fish Cave (Fish Cave) &# 8212; This is a niche in a rock, where on the one hand stands the statue of the sage (Rishis), and with another water-filled cave with hundreds of huge fish. Natural well literally teem Carpami-giants.

Statue of the guard Rishi. Photo Credit: Amy and Ryan Parker, Flickr

Soro Brook Carp in the English version and Pla Pluang in Thai can reach a length of one meter and is found only in the provinces of Northern Thailand. Naturally, no one catches it, as the locals consider the fish of the sacred, and Rishi protects the fish from any dangers and including from people with unkind people).

Well with fish. Photo Credit: Amy and Ryan Parker, Flickr

Fish Cave in National Park there

PLU PLUANG refers to carpeting. Lives in fresh water and including waterfalls. It is powered by floating plants, insects and other petty lovers, but locals argue that fish are vegetarians and feed their exclusively vegetable food.

At the entrance to the park, you can buy fruits and vegetables and enjoy feeding insatiable jambs, which actually makes every second visitor to the park).

Fish Stets. Photo Credit: Darren James, Flickr

Soro Brook Carp (PLU PLUANG). Photo Credit: Thai-On, Flickr

Practical information

Park with a cave is 17 km from May Hong Sona and you can get to it almost on any bus going in the northern direction or on a rented motorbike. Login costs about 20 baht.

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