Fish, birds and some story

In the Israeli resort Eilat hot. All year round without exception. Rain, according to statistics, is not more often six days a year. In July, on average, under forty, in January – slightly for twenty and bathe. Actually, behind this here and drive: idle on the beach surrounded by purple mountains, unthinkable white sand and shrill-turquoise water of the Red Sea, warm and hospitable. And indecent close – in winter to any "roast" Resort, like Mexico or Indonesia, at least half-go, and to the Israeli south – just four hours of summer.

By the way, in addition to the unpretentious aircraft, in the sense of service, Transaero is a previously single airline flying from us to Eilat – from October 29, every Wednesday from Moscow and St. Petersburg airplanes of the Israeli airline EL Al Al.

On the shores of the Red Sea, in addition to Israel, there are still Jordan with Egypt. But the local resorts do not go to any comparison with Eilat: Jordanian tourism just began to develop, in Hurghada – not perfect comfort, the Egyptian Sharm al-Sheikh on Sinai would be good if not a Muslim flavor, not allowing ordinary for us, any Europeans, liberty.

By the way, in the Jordanian Peter, and the Sinai is more convenient (because it’s closer) to get from Eilat. Visas immediately in three countries will be put in Moscow. To the border with Jordan – five minutes on foot, to Sinah – a little longer. But going to go. To at least once during the rest on the Holy Land, remember that it is truly saint, and at least a few minutes to touch the story. Moreover, with our guides in Eilat – as everywhere in Israel, which is not surprising – there are no problems.

Next to Eilat nothing more historically valuable not to find. But there is a couple with coral reefs, a wondrous landscape of a deserted oasis, paradise birds and fish, you can get excellent five-star (and not only) hotels and European service. Coral colony here – one of the largest in the world. To see them, enough masks with a tube. Although you can, of course, take aqualang or descend on the bottom of the sea in the submarine, at a thin end, swim on a boat with a glass bottom – there is such a fashionable resort entertainment.

Where the coral reef ends, the steel mesh burned down a piece of coastal strip area 10.000 square meters and a depth of 15 meters – for dolphins (Dolphin Reef) and arranged presentations there for children and there are never matured parents – five days a week four per day. And a few meters from the dolphinarium – sharks, electric rods and giant sea turtles inhabiting the underwater observatory. Third largest in the world.

Fish, birds and some story

Add another park of birds, where the feathers from all over the world arrive at the wintering, red canyon, sufari on jeeps or camels, Timna National Park with Solomon’s king. Apart from underwater safari, walks on yachts, fishing and other scouts with water bikes typical of any little decent resort.

There is even an aerodium – a large inflatable mattress, where they rush especially desperate to be a picked air jet. And purely Israeli entertainment: the only Tir in the world, where they give to shoot from the combat weapons – the machine "Ultrasound" and pistol "Erio".

And everywhere music and food – on any (national), but only the otmnaya, taste. Everything seemed to be created so that you believe: Yes, this is the most royal place, sage Solomon. You can, of course, to believe it for the word, but more pleasant to make sure of this on my own experience.

Fish, birds and some story

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