First solo journey

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In fact, the first was last year – India. But there, there were always travelers, which I found in advance on the network. Therefore, the current journey has become special. It began when he left the Sap (Vietnam) and came to Laos.

Almost everything that I did was for the first time: I have never changed the border before, I did not search for housing in place or through the site. Before that, I always waited for me in the place where I planned to go. It was terrible to go to the unknown, leave a kind of comfort zone. Funny, but I am writing this and understand that the first such step I made a year ago by writing a letter of dismissal.

First parking place: Luang Prabang (Laos). Surprise, and quite unpleasant, was very bad internet, even terrible. And he is extremely necessary for me to work. I had to run around the city in search of solving this problem. Bought SIM 3G, did not say that she flew, but better than no connection. Plus tested Wi-Fi in many gestures, next time I already know where to stay.

At first, the cockroach "I do not know English" did not give rest: it was terribly uncomfortable to ask something from an English-speaking man. And find a company for a trip to remote attractions it was not easy (so I thought my head). In fact, everything turned out to be easier than it seemed at the beginning. Just just start talking to someone, and then you already have to taste 🙂

During travel on Laos, the desire to go through Vipassan. I heard a lot about her from acquaintances and friends in India and Vietnam. Why? I will explain: all my life we ​​go on the machine, we think on the machine, we live on the machine, and do not even think about, and what we? No awareness, no understanding "Now". So I wanted to hear yourself and understand who I am.

Through search engines, I was looking for opportunities to do how to do this in Thailand, but what I found, the dates did not coincide with my Wishlists. By accidental minority in the hostel Vientiane, not far from the border with Thailand, met a guy from Russia (the first our man for the entire Laos), who was sent to the center of meditation to Vipassan. So chosen on the course.

Again the border, by this moment the language barrier has ceased to be a big problem. I bought a bus ticket at once to Chiang May through the agency, it was easier for me. As I learned along the way, you could easily buy tickets on your own (and even 2 times cheaper!). But now there is experience.

While drove on the bus, through the TRIPAdvisor application, the Geste paid, put the point on the map. It helped on arrival.


Probably, exactly this time has become a kind of test for me – "And you just want to travel? Sure?".

Chiang Mai. I did not book anything in advance, I thought I would find some kind of cafe with Wi-Fi and pick a place where to stay. Not there was something. In many institutions there is no free Wi-Fi, and the price for it seemed to me unreasonably high. I had to wander the chalk through the streets under the scorching sun. Before I remembered the Gest, who found through TripAdvisor in the last seconds of the Lao Internet. There and stopped, it even happened to agree on a discount.

Another surprise turned out to be a schedule of institutions. Approximately after 5 pm everything is closed, including shops and cafes. Searching for a dinner turned into a quest. I went out on one of the main streets, in front of me the picture: emptiness, no cars, no bikes, passers-by and sellers too. All shops, shops and cafes are lowered blinds. Nobody. Silence. It would be beautiful that the ride-field fit in the middle of the road, but it was also not.

Several meters passed, saw the only working local elfoy – salvation! And very tasty salvation. A little later, tourists began to appear, moving as zombies in one direction. Asking a question to one of them, learned that they move in the direction of the night bazaar. Almost the only place where at this time a lot of food and clothes.

After a couple of weeks, Vipassana’s course began in CHOM Tong (the surroundings of Chiang May),
he lasted 14 days. I do not hide, for me it was difficult. At the end, the body simply refused to do what you need. Misunderstanding, why and that I will give it, – Bun. When you stop paying attention to the whims and simply continue to act, watch, analyze, then you know such parties yourself, about which it was somehow did not think about.

Insaydes, discoveries from the course of meditation continue to influence me and my perception of the world. The feeling of the pattern of all that is happening, as if the puzzle gradually begins to develop, chance is not accidental, a sense of security, an imperishable smile and goosebumps from all this. 🙂 Many lessons are still absorbed. I will not share them, too personal, and there is no specific formulation yet, it is rather at the level of sensations.

First solo journey

Well, immediately after Vipassana, all such a charged, conscious and positive decided on the hitchhiker. Tried his second time in life. This time a distance of only 4 kilometers. Purpose: Visit the temple of the Golden Lying Buddha, Long, Probably 10 meters. After 15-20 minutes, the grandfather stopped, very poorly speaking in English, but very wishing to help me. So, he not only let me down to the temple itself (from the road it was necessary to go to the mountain for a long time), but also treated with a Thai yummy, introduced to the locals who immediately offered to stay on the evening dance, showed where he lives, where and what makes a living. Full immersion in the life of Thais. Interesting experience! And I think, next time, I will move on Thailand.

By the way, the highest point of Thailand is located very close to the Tong – Mount Mount Intanon. I looked at the photo in the search engine – a stunning view! I did not have time to do there, it means there is a reason to return.

Came out of the center of meditation with backpacks. I sit and think where is the next thing: is it stops to Bangkok, or in Pai by bus … to the departure for another 4 days. It so happened that I got to the bass to Chiang Mai, and already on the road chose Pai. Still in about 5 hours was on the spot.

Share. Here suddenly have questions: "What am I doing?"," Why is it all?". Feeling loneliness as another opportunity to know ourselves. And then you just need to take yourself. It was worth going outside and pass 5 meters, immediately met a girl Gloria from the Czech Republic. Together they made a program for the day: waterfall, massage, shopping. While climbed the waterfall, met Andreo’s boy from Mexico, who in his 16 years already travels. Andreo constantly flamed his hands loudly, to scare the snakes and other dangerous living creatures, and we just walked and spent loudly – it seemed to us that this is a good alternative to cotton 🙂

From communicating with the guys, I understood how much they love the travel, a sense of freedom from borders and the moment "Now". Such people are surprised me, cause a feeling of some trembling inside, and called inspiration.

As a result, they didn’t rise to the waterfall, until the sunset remained quite a bit, and at night it is not safe for the jungle. I did not go to the massage, took up shopping! We are girls 🙂 day spent very fun!

Another day in Bangkok, the road to the airport, the aircraft.

Returning to Bali, after these 1.5 months, inhaling and feeling the most delicious air, filled with a mix of fragrances of green grass, incense and exotic colors (in other countries Asia did not notice such a fragrance), thought: "I love this island!". I think he can become me the second home.

Accidents are not accidental. Everything goes to your woman. Listen to the heart. Take reality. Be a river. These and many other lessons brought me this period. Some I already learned some no more. Processes continue, and therefore life boils.

First solo journey

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