First of all airplanes

Want to see Hong Kong? Then the first thing is welcome to Cathay Pacific City!

Because any journey begins with an airplane. And although I personally managed to get acquainted with this wonderful airline closer just on the last day of the trip, but honestly – noon, and did not want to leave at all.

Training center of pilots and flight attendants, airline museum, business class salon, airfield and many, many aircraft under the cut.

Cathay Pacific City – In fact, the name is just one building at Hong Kong Airport, but it is so huge as indeed like a real city. This is a view from the top floor of the SRS on the flight field.

  • Hong Kong
  • Cathay Pacific City
  • Pilot

Here are employees of Cathay Pacific airline, but of us, of course, are primarily interested in pilots.

For them, there are different simulators in the SRS, but in my opinion somehow modestly and compact.

For flight attendants, simulators, on the contrary – with a scope for a football field.

  • Simulator simulators
  • Simulator for flight attendants
  • First of all airplanes
  • Training apparatus

Training go constantly, from morning to evening. Only acting flight attendants for some reason quietly and boring.

  • Training of flight attendants
  • Future stewardess
  • In the museum

But the future stewardess fun and noisy.

For idle invited guests, like us, there is a museum.

  • The first loads
  • Form of stewardess
  • Old photos
  • Cafe Restaurant

Exhibits tell, for example, about the first cargo transported by the airline in 1946. Curly exposure of the shape of the flight attendant CATHAY PACIFIC since the creation of the airline to this day. Interesting old photos.

There are many more interesting things, and not only in the museum – shops where you can buy a real pilot jacket, cafes-restaurants, libraries and Internet clubs, but we have little time, we run past under the roof. To remove airplanes.

  • Airplane
  • Takeoff
  • Landing

Well, the last – where is Hong Kong?

Despite the fact that Cathay Pacific from July 13, i.e., exactly two months ago, opened a new line of Moscow-Hong Kong. Today, they offer the lowest prices for such a direct flight at certainly high security and the highest service on board. Want to conquer the our market in the Asian and Pacific. I think it will easily get. Philippines, Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand and all-all that is in the other side – through Hong Kong, and with a stop-over a couple of nights – a wonderful idea.

(And, as my story added Andanton, is the best airline in the world by ratings 2005 and 2006 for sure, and on the rest of the years I do not know, but it seems, also prizes. She is the second in the world after Qantas Flight Safety: Not a single catastrophe since 1946 (at Qantas since 1922)." Considering that 1946 is the year of the airline, the indicator is simply great.

In addition, I, you know, I flew a lot, but such a business class has never seen. And snow-white bedding issued.

  • Business Class
  • 220 B

In economy class, everything is as usual, but – each chair has an electrical outlet on 220! Perfectly fed and movies in our.

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