First meeting with a country of thousands of lakes. Helsinki

I don’t know for what reason I did not do this before: perhaps worried that the report would be too detailed, partly irrelevant, and maybe simply could not get together with the Spirit. But after a year and a half, this happened – my debut report was written!

In September 2015, I made my first independent trip abroad. The object of my attention was Helsinki, where I stayed 4 wonderful days, and then went to the favorite our city – St. Petersburg. I want to tell you in detail only about some impressive moments of travel, full of new experience.

The preparation for the trip was short: the routes of walk were not compiled, information about the main attractions was not printed, there was no attempt to learn several phrases on Finnish (put only a our-Finnish phrasebook on an emergency). After reading interesting facts about the city and his bright places, I booked a hostel on Booking.COM (66 € 3 nights), acquired e-tickets for the bus. Full improvisation was planned. In the desire to always treat people respectfully, goodwill, thank them for rendering even the smallest help, I specifically bought for a cylogram of a wide variety of delicious candies of our confectionery factory for weight kilograms, as well as a set of chocolates, on the wraps of which the main attractions of Volgograd were concerned.

The road to Helsinki was with two transplants: from Volgograd went to Moscow by bus, walking in the capital all day, having met friends and having received the long-awaited Schengen, late in the evening I went to Peter by car, after booking a place on Blablacar. And in the early morning already enjoyed the beauty and splendor of the beloved city on the Neva. Knowing that it will be very soon here again, I preferred to rest a little rest before the night moving to Helsinki and do not rush with long walks on Nevsky Prospect, summer garden and visiting cult museums and galleries.

After arriving in Moscow, I immediately felt approaching north. Stretching heat left me in Volgograd steppes. My imagination has already drawn pictures of the gloomy, almost always the rainy sky of the capital of Finland, the cold wind of the Baltic Sea and grooking in the scarves, with umbrellas in their hands, Finns.

Advertising shields and all sorts of Yani logos crushed along and across, and then folded out of residues meaningful and whitish phrases. As a result, the walls of the museum resemble a huge puzzle – a triumph of pop culture in paradfud paradise. According to the artist, Fast Food and Western consumer culture unites people more than religion.
Reanimating the impaired pop art, Yani Lynonen continues to profess the ideas of Warhol that the product is not important in today’s world, but the packaging, not the essence, but the image. He himself, however, claims that he creates the "artistic allegories" of goods, fighting with a commodity exchange system, inflated brands and with global capitalism, the personification of which is a network of fast food.

"Food is one of the most significant factors leading to climate change, diseases, poverty, economic and social inequality, – says Yani Lynonen. – When we solve food problems, we will solve and the rest. ".

Immediately after quenching cultural hunger, I went to one of the central squares of the city. Next to the shopping center "Kamppi" I saw a very unusual building. For the architecture of Helsinki, the northern restraint and refinement. Sample of the Finnish wooden architecture – Chapel of Silence (Kampin Kappeli). Looking at this masterpiece, first of all think about the form. There are different versions about the symbolism of the chapel form. Among the most popular: Noev Ark; flower pot; "Vase for the soul"; Egg as a symbol of a new life, rebirth fertility. Kampin Kappeli built as part of the Helsinki program – World Capital Design 2012 ». Construction used environmental material – local wood (spruce, pine, black alder and ash). The facade of the chapel ribbed, and the inner covering is smooth. As for the content, the chapel of silence is a little calm reserve in the middle of a busy Narinkatori (Narinkatori).

Quintessence of minimalistic Finnish design, shelter for quiet prayer or trust conversation, rest from city noise and bustle. Religious ceremonies are not held here, but on duty social workers, priests, psychologists, ready to provide assistance. The chapel does not have binding to a certain religion. In this quiet and mysterious place, the need for solitude is satisfied, because self-sufficiency is an important feature of the Finnish mentality.

Thinking about an important, pressing, enjoying silence and tranquility, I looked at the clock. Wow! Already 14.30, it’s time to hurry to pick things from the bus. Come to the destination, I found a small group preparing for departure to St. Petersburg. The driver I addressed the warmest words of gratitude for the big help rendered at the very beginning of my tourist path, and presented a set of Volgograd chocolate. Modest smile and shy "What are you! Trifles!"I was enough for me that the mood rose. The sullen clouds were already broken across the sky, he began heavy rain, the back was still whining, a heavy backpack and the road bag pulled me to the ground, the umbrella in his hand was uncomfortable, but it was necessary to search for a hostel.

First meeting with a country of thousands of lakes. Helsinki

I knew the address of his location and the number of buses where it was possible to get to it. It remained to find a stop to catch them. Began to ask me passersby. Unfortunately, they turned out to be the same tourists as I. I’m already very tired and partially wet, so I just didn’t want to wander and could not. I decided to find out the place of stop at any cost. And so luck! I suggested that you need to go to the railway station, showed the direction.

The shower began, and the station I saw only buses running from the city center to the airport and back. I wanted to get to the warm room to warm up, eat like a little and a little rest, but it began to seem to me that this would happen soon. Because of the disgusting weather on the street there was almost no one, but here I saw a lonely young man under the umbrella, obviously someone waiting. Went to him, smiling politely, asked, from Helsinki whether he? Having received an affirmative answer, showed a piece of paper hidden in pocket with a hostel address and bus numbers. Said that I already dream to leave as soon as possible, but nothing happens. The guy was very pleasant and friendly, he said that I was very lucky, because he knows not only where to find these buses, but also this street, since he used to work on it. You can’t imagine how happy I was!

Finn called me to go behind him, at that time someone called and explained something. When we grapeted with the entrance to the station, I saw a confident going to meet us. My conductor hugged her and apparently explained to her the reason for my presence next to them. We have already walked along the cozy, crowded Helsinki station, I looked around, quickly studying showcases filled with everything necessary for traveling on the road. The young man asked: "You have a city map?"I just showed him a brochure with the designation of the central attractions given by the driver. Finn, without saying not words, turned and departed from us. Returning quickly, my Savior handed me a big detailed map of the city! It was so nice and cute that in words it is difficult to pass. We finally came out on the stationary area, where platforms were located (they are – end stops) of different bus routes and quite quickly found the necessary me. The feeling that I have already overcame half the way in the search for housing, lied in me a new spark of happiness! Waiting for the bus and traditionally thank the kind Finns of sweets, I went to the hostel.

On other days I walked along the Esplanadin Puisto extending from the shopping area (Esplanadin Puisto), which is also the heart of Helsinki. In the middle of the park there is a monument to the People’s Poet. L. Runeberg. His poem "Our Earth" became a hymn of Finland. High granite pedestal under the legs of the poet shows a girl – Muse and patroness of Finnish poetry. In his right hand, she holds a laurel wreath, the left hugs the bronze board, on which the words of the hymn are knocked out.

I also managed to visit the main arena of the city, Senate Square, where a monument to the our emperor Alexander II was installed, and behind – shines a dazzling whitefish Cathedral. Litting on the stairs leading to him, looking around the area around, I tried to imagine how different it looks in all seasons.

First meeting with a country of thousands of lakes. Helsinki

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