First journey for health or my glorious Slovenian holidays

Modern aviation makes it easily less than half of the half of the hemisphere, for 12-14 hours without transfers to fly from Moscow to Havana, Los Angeles or any point in Southeast Asia. But there are always those sensations and impressions we are looking for in other climatic zones and time zones, cost transatlantic or transcontinental flights, rigid temperature drops, cultural shocks and language barriers? Or the old good truth is also applicable to travel, it seems that all the most interesting is very close, more precisely, almost next door?

Having caught yourself on this thought, I decided to go on a small holiday in Slovenia, where to fly from Moscow just a couple of hours, a small country at the crossroads of the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Panneonian lowland, in which, by the way, they shot the famous film "Narnia Chronicles". Unlike other states, Slovenia is a country in which it stopped as if. Here you can go by car whole hour along the fields and forests and not to see a single person. For the gaze tired of the fuss and a crowd of a resident of the megapolis, this is a real paradise.

Little Slovenia with his all the famous capital of Lyublava is located very close to Zagreb (127 km), Venice (180 km), Salzburg (220 km), Vienna (250 km), Budapest (300 km) and other iconic European cities, but believe me me, the territory of the country itself is so diverse that you hardly want to leave her.

The geographical location of Slovenia is really lucky: mountains – in the northwest, the sea – in the West, throughout the territory – lakes with blue-turquoise water, glacier valleys, waterfalls and world famous post-byoy cave.

What to see?

Ljubljana – Mandatory stop for any tourist. Visit the Fortress Llaglasan Grad, the area of ​​prechanted, on which there are dates in loved, Triple Bridge and Old Town with Pedestrian Covers. The second stop can be the city of Bled on the same lake. This place does not need a submission. Bled Lake is one of the most romantic sites of Slovenia. Not in vain, even Agata Christie rested on it.
You can look for several hours in Ptui, the most ancient city of Slovenia. Here in the spring passes an analogue of the domestic carnival, the largest carnival of Slovenia called the junction.

Maribor deserves attention – the second city after Paris, who visited Adolf Hitler. Here is the oldest grape vine in the world, its age is over 400 years. Despite the honorable age, it still fertures. From the vine it turns out 100 small bottles of wine for especially important persons, including the presidents of different countries, state and public figures.
A pleasant impression left the resort city of Olymia (the municipality of subdiction). There is a deer farm in it, on which you can feed friendly deer and mountain goats. If not afraid of cognitive dissonance, then in the tavern right on the farm it is proposed to taste delicious deer. Vitaly couple with herd instinct won in me, although the beautiful eyes of deer flying to corn, deposited much more clearly than the taste of eaten meat.

In Olymia, there is a Minerite monastery, which employs one of the oldest pharmacies of Europe. In the pharmacy for sale of therapeutic herbs, tincture of them, teas and ointments, cooked by recipes 250 years ago. To resist the charm of the friendly seller’s monks is impossible, and I want to bother both the tea "Mole" for longevity, and tea "Pomirevnik" to calm the nervous system, and much more in cute jars and bottles. By the way, until 1658, this place was not a monastery, but the castle, around which the ditching, defended tenants from attacking enemies, so that fans of the Renaissance architecture and Baroque Olymia may also be interested.

What to try?

Hungry in Slovenia should be just impossible. Despite the fact that there are no promoted and sprayed media restaurants with the stars of Michelin, the best cook-woman in 2017 according to the most influential international rating of The Worlds 50 BEST RESTAURAANTS became the native of Slovenia. The holder of the honorary title of Ana Roche is also included in the ranking of the 100 best chefs in the world last year. To taste delicious national cuisine dishes absolutely not be sure to look for her restaurant Hisa Frank. Any little Slovenian tever will pleasantly surprise its menu, drinks, dishes and their presentation.

The fact is that Slovenia is one of those happy countries that are open to all winds and trends. In their kitchen, Italy is influenced by Italy, C Events – Austria and Hungary, there are also centuries-old connections with Germany, the proximity of Croatia, and much more. All this palette finds his reflection in dishes. No dinner do without soup. Pumpkin, mushroom, onion … it’s that little that happened to try me. It is worth trying the Crane Sausage – a semi-free sausage, recognized at the official level of the "masterpiece of national importance", and also leave – Slovenian analogue of Italian Prostto and Spanish Hamon.

Slovenia can be bolded to call the country of sweet tech. Sweet here love and know how to cook. Here are a few names to remember: "Hibanitsa" – Pie from nine layers. Between the dough layers, raisins, sugar, apples, nuts, vanilla, cottage cheese, poppy and other fillings. From simpler casual desserts, you can allocate the Palachka delicacy (air pancakes) and "Potitsa" (walnut roll on a yeast dough with the addition of poppy and honey).

First journey for health or my glorious Slovenian holidays

Recently, tourists have a particularly popular cake "Melania" and a new grade of red wine called "First Lady". For the most devoted fans of the President of the US President, even a special tourist route in the native city of Melany Sevnice and other sign places related to her life in Slovenia.

In December last year, Slovenia was included in the top 100 best sustainable areas (Sustainable Destinations Top 100) according to the international organization Green Destinations for outstanding achievements in responsible and environmental tourism. The list in addition to the above mentioned Ljubljana, Bleda and the sub flow entered two more Slovenian cities: Komen and Rogashka Slatina. The latter is a famous medical resort that is famous for its healing water DONAT MG. As Hippocrat said: "All diseases begin in the intestine," namely, DONAT MG and heals. Thanks to the record magnesium content (more than 1000 mg / l.) It restores metabolic processes in the human body and contributes to the prevention of the development of many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other pathological conditions. Water is mined at a depth of 200 to 600 m, and its history has as many as 8000 years. According to the legend, by his appearance, Donat MG is obliged to a fabulous winged horse Pegasu, who landed on the picturesque territory of the horns, hit the ground about the Earth, and the inexhaustible source of giving mineral water scored at the point of impact. In the city center there is even a monument to Pegasu.

Drinking course takes place on sources in the drinking box of the medical center Rogasha. It employs 50 doctors out of 13 medicine regions. There are a wide range of medical and preventive and cosmetic programs based, of course, on the reception of Donat MG.

It is important to understand that the taste of water is significantly different from the bottled mineral water, which is sold in stores. Drink water from the source is recommended three times a day 300-400 ml, preferably 30 minutes before meals. For convenience, all guests of the resort hotels give measuring glasses with individual numbers (not to be confused with the hotel number!).

To achieve the best result, it is recommended to combine water reception with mineral baths, mud wraps, massages and other medical center procedures. My short journey was so rich excursions and travel around the country that I was able to test only a bath with Magnesia and a 50-minute body massage, but even after these procedures and three-day reception donat MG, the overall health has noticeably improved.

In order not to get bored, rest and treatment at the resort can be combined with different excursions, for example, to visit the glass plant, go to the winery or try the ski slope. And this in addition to the above above! Country small and to any beautiful place easy to reach without tiring many hours of transfers.

First journey for health or my glorious Slovenian holidays

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