First island Columbus

Above the island of Haiti, partially owned by the Dominican Republic, a terrible hurricane of George swept. so what? We also did not happen so long ago hurricane. And trees in the city flew, and the roofs are broken lying, and the garages turned over. But nothing, alive. So in Santo Domingo everything will be fine. Everyone will be submitted, will be cleaned – and to the new year, when the aircraft crashed here, killed by rich Europeans, the island will again become a depot.

Dominican Republic – New Tourist Season. Snow white, covered by caribbean sand, island, surrounded by coral reefs, palm trees, emerging almost to water, monuments of the times of the era of great discoveries. This place found Christopher Columbus. The island turned out to be his first discovery on the American continent, and here the first cathedral was built here in America. In the house of Columbus in Santo Domingo is now a museum where all tourists lead. And everyone must impose a beacon of Columbus, in which the plates of the navigator allegedly rest. I will be rewicing that Columbus remains resting in Granada. And by another version, his dust managed to deliver to their homeland, in Gene. But the Dominicans are better not to list these versions – they still will not believe.

In addition to museums, during your stay in the capital it is necessary to find time for visiting the caves, combined with the common name "Three eyes" (In each of them there is an underground lake with unnatural blue water). For lunch in the real colonial restaurant. And for a walk along the pedestrian street, El Conde – otherwise where you will try real Dominican Coffee?

But the capital is not a place to rest. Therefore, it is necessary to rest in Punto Kana – on the southeastern part of the island, where the Atlantic is merged with the Caribbean Sea, where the Jungle’s untouched by the man and on the sand strip, separating the sea from vegetation, built their hotels leading hotel networks that exist in world. Want – Live in Melia hotels, you want to – in Iberostar, you want – in Riu. All of them, as a rule, consist of two-three-storey buildings and bungalows scattered between trees.

First island Columbus

Most of these hotels, regardless of whether they are three-star or five star, works on the All Inclusive system. Moreover, unlike many famous club systems, in these presented in Punto Cana, the price includes really all. Even strong European and American alcohol, and that is always at your service, and right in the room. And in the only almost six / "Paradise" don’t have to pay even for cigarettes. You extend the glass – and immediately from the bottle, the tops fortified on the wall, Bourbon is poured, stretch your hand – and the pack of Winston falls into it. Or Camel. In general, it all depends on your imagination. Americans would hardly like such an alcohol and cigarette lifestyle, but for Europeans, to whom we are trying to attract ourselves, this is the place – the day. The only thing you need to know before traveling to Dominican Republic is the country keeps the first place in the world by the number of rape lonely women sunbathe on wild beaches. Therefore, the Council is a young lady: if you swim on a wild beach, then only the company.

In addition to domestic pleasures, there are pre-order joys. I mean excursions. Of course, you can entertain on the attitude of the hotel or drive on "Banana" Along the coast – but it is better at least sometimes somewhere drove away. For example, sit in the engine boat and together with the conductor to get to the stunning bay, to the caulation "Head Bull". Then equipped with a mask, tube, flippers and plunge into the delightful underwater world – with fish, corals and also God knows who.

If you know how, you can ride on the top of the villages and palm groves – and at the same time at the cocks of the cocks. The most expensive excursion – "Jeep Bavaro". There is a 8-seater jeep riding on the plantations of sugar cane and coffee, and Creole dinner, and a horse jungle horse riding, and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. And of course, "Cuba Libre" – Cocktail, invented in Cuba, but revered throughout the Caribbean.

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