First impressions

Impressions are so much that it is definitely not possible to do with one article. This article will describe our first and shortest day. The incredibility of each subsequent day bash. Here is such an intrigue, attach, because of the laziness of the author, the whole story will delay long. But if your lazy is even stronger, then I can immediately say that we all liked everything in this amazing country, and we wish everyone there to visit.

Many may seem to be very difficult to get into this country, in fact, everything is not. Enough to search on the Internet companies that engage in tours in the DPRK. Our tour included a flight back from Beijing, accommodation, food and moving. There are the same on the train from Khabarovsk. We fell into a group of 18 people. If desired, you can order an individual tour. Each options have their pros and cons.

We were frightened that old aircraft fly in Korea. Everything is wrong, here is our plane. It is pretty fresh Tu-204. There was no concern. Flies well, sat down gently.

Kormali disgrave. This is not a bigmak, and some sweet-dog buns with soy meat. But beer is excellent! In general, everything is very good in Korea.

A concert of local celebrities showed on TV. Terempo.

At Pyongyan Airport We were already waiting for cameras.

In fact, there is no) were not waiting for us, and the fivefold champion NBA Dennis Rodmanan, who, as it turned out, will train the North Korea national team on basketball to the Olympiad. Probably, besides him, there was still a lot of celebrities in the plane.

At the airport, everything is as usual, only in abbreviated formats, there is even a Duty Free, but it is very funny, it looks like a market kiosk.

After passing all the services that are in one hall we immediately met our guides. All of them for 18 people were three and driver. Guides speak English, but a clear thing, if you hear such our in our country, then you will immediately understand that he is not local. And for Korea quite well say. From that moment on, the guides were attached to us and until the end of the trip did not go anywhere. By the way cool and funny comrades.

As long as everyone was waiting, burned out that international SIM cards with an Internet for 125 dollars sell in the corner. As is known in North Korea, ordinary phones and the Internet do not work, the local is used by their network Intranet, where they have their own Facebook and some chats there. We decided to rest about the outside world. For this here and drove. Until March 2013, telephones were generally overwhelmed during a trip to the airport, but we were lucky and the regime softened. Therefore, at least to listen to music or picked up for the phone quite possible.

While we were waiting for our group on the bus, the unknown our eyes were passing by

As soon as everyone gathered and threw the luggage to the bus, immediately went to inspect the sights. On the hell is not clear. I wanted to eat and sleep, well, okay, interesting.

Our first stop was the inspection of the Arch dedicated to something there connected with the war or world. All this weakly interested, since a tortured look peered into the distance, where Koreans, boutiques and limousines.

At the stage of the photo are present:
1. Our bus
2. arch
3. Pretty high telebashnya
4. one of the central streets
5. Elena from Moscow. By the way on the third day of travel, I suggested that she was from Perm, and turned out to be right.

Nearby is the stadium. They are in Pyongyang a lot. Here pay attention not to the glamorous trolleybus, but on the portraits of the Great Leader of Comrade Kim Il Sen and the Great Head of Comrade Kim Jong Ira. You need to say exactly so and nothing else. Similar portraits are located on the buildings of all states. institutions and generally wherever possible.

But on the other hand, the view of the hotel RĂ¼gen fascinates. In general, I got the impression that I was only for the sake of this building and drove to Korea. Since I saw him on some photos on the Internet only and think about him. High, unusual ..

For example, what do you see in this photo from the aircraft window?

Further go to the hotel through the whole city. Almost constantly with open mouth.

Here, for example, people are preparing for the upcoming holiday of 65 years of the DPRK.

First impressions

And this is a modern quarter in the center. I did not expect this. Quite worthy houses, some cars, pioneers and my favorite ringer in the background.

This is the number of four stars hotel.

Lived on the 18th floor. View from the window stunning.

Ride a bit on the elevator.

On the 47th floor of a rotating restaurant. Prices are almost like in McDonalds.

View from the restaurant window.

On this, it seems and ended our first day in Korea. The next day it was necessary to get up at 7 am and drive to inspect the city.

It is impossible to go away from the hotel, even when you get out just on the porch, then special. Services are already activated. It is said that the rooms are listening, but there was no evidence. All movements on the hotel immediately reported guides and above. A little unusual, but sometimes even funny. If you have complexes, it will be hard.

In general, the hotel is difficult to miss. Everything is very cheap. There is a casino, bowling, table tennis, shops, karaoke, different restaurants, sauna. Here in the sauna we seem to go. And then I have bothered. Not much, but constantly feared that I was lucky to the local hospital and there is a chip there.

So far. Next time I will write about how we were poured by North Koreans and the details about how we ate the dog.

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