First Ghost Island in the Pacific Ocean

How we found the Ghost Vachusette island
Here he is the first reef ghost! – In this series, we will show the passage of the mysterious place – that under the yacht and around. How the weather and crew classes are changing with the transition to higher latitudes. And here Little Jung feeds the whole family, while the rest revenge the sail again.

This is the fifth video from the series "Expedition to the Ghosts of the Pacific Ocean". Family Sailing Around Travely-Family comes from the center of the quiet window to the Mower Horn on the most unusual route – strictly south, then strictly west 37 parallels. And then – through the point of Nemo and Cape Horn.
Task – In the desert area of ​​the Pacific Ocean, to find, confirm or refute the existence of the ghosts of 30 southern latitudes.
Five phantom reefs were discovered from 200 to 50 years ago, the captains put them on the cards and assigned names. And Jules Verne abandoned his captain there (Maria Teres Island from "Children of Captain Grant"). But expeditions, equipped at the end of the last century, did not confirm the fact of the existence of land in these latitudes. What does not interfere with the mysterious islands still displayed on the maps.
Who can say reliably, is there is an island from the children’s dreams of encroaches? – Only we ourselves.
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First Ghost Island in the Pacific Ocean

In the first series of the cycle "Expedition to Ghost Islands", we told how we were deployed to turn on 180 degrees and one march to fuse to faint half the world’s largest planet from hot tropics to the zone of floating ice.
2 series – on the preparation of the yacht to the subsolar and repair of the heater, which did not work 4 years :).
3 series was about the ocean sentiments of children and adults and repairing the main sail
4 series – about the required stop on the last dressed island of the Southern Pacific, replenishments of stocks and expensive visit to the police station.

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