First city. Clervo

We were lucky, the rain was stopped for 30 minutes, and this was enough to dismiss and emergency drying tents (I ran through the field in a funny sailboat). Until the next city, Clervo, was only 2 km.

We needed the Internet, hoped to find him in the tourism office. And found! The young man provided us with all the facilities of the office, so for the next two hours we lit up there. Managed to send you our records, charge everything charged and send to my beloved mother: "Hello! We are fine!".

We had time to inspect the city. Clervo, like Luxembourg City, repeats the relief and features of the country: is surrounded by low, but mountains, houses built on incredible corners, castles and monasteries on the tops, and wind mills, elevated all.

Noticing the abbey on the top of the slope, they decided to climb there. Still when still? In 10-15 minutes, we stood at his gate, and then wrapped in a shop where monks sell a different good. We were met by a wide smile monk, which was not called, but was very friendly with us. From them with Stephen Franco-paternal conversation, I caught that he was already in the monastery for 27 years since his 20. He, however, loves prayers, work and life here. We bought a liter of apple juice that the monks themselves produce here. No preservatives, no sugar in juice, and he was really tasty.

First city. Clervo

Oh! And refreshing was that souls! And so desirable!

Clean and satisfied went to the tent to drink warm and easy. The advantage of parking the water is that coffee is unlimited! I think we will use it!:)

It seems that heavy rain will again make us a company of this night, but now it’s also a thunder. Well, we we have what we have, and the same happy!

First city. Clervo

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