First Children’s Railway

According to official sources, the first children’s railway in the USSR and in the world opened in Tbilisi in 1935. The uniqueness was that the children were not only passengers of the real train, but also managed them all 1200 meters of road road.

Now children’s railway in the park "Mushtaisi" serves children but in operation children do not participate.

In 1933, a group of railway fans, engaged in Tiflis (Tbilisi) Children’s Technical Station, decided to build a valid railway layout. During the discussion of the project, thought was born – to choose such a scale so that its builders themselves could fit in Paraloz and manage it.

The first steam locomotive on the road was the narrow-chain locomotive production of the Jung plant in Germany, under the factory number No. 1721, on the road, it was operated under the LK-1 series, AK-1721, B-1721. And now AK-1721 is at the entrance to the pedestal.

Motthodes of MUG / 2 were also operated on the children’s railway, in the post-war period, the period on the road was entered by the locomotive series 159. In 1971, with Riga DZH, the diesel locomotive of the T3-035 series was transmitted. In 1987, on the road did the TU7-2044 diesel locomotive.

Now this is precisely this locomotive caring the trays and gives children joy.

First Children's Railway

The rolling stock consists of a diesel locomotive of TU7-2044 and three homemade passenger cars of an open type. Earlier steam locomotive series 159 in 2011 was sold and installed on a pedestal in Novocherkassk.

Previously, one station worked – Pioneers and two stopping platforms – Mziuri and Siharuli. Now only one main station works.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the children’s railway in Tbilisi lost the function. He worked with difficulties and in 2010 was forced to stop traffic. In Georgia there were several DZH, one of them in the city of Rustrav.

In the summer of 2012 after the reconstruction of the park "Mushtaisi", On the territory of which the JD, earned and children’s railway.

First Children's Railway

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