First charge, the beer – after

Forty minutes of jogging replace fifty grams of gin "Gordons". A half-hour volleyball stimulates the body better than a glass of vodka. So say sports doctors. Check whether they are correct, it is possible in the United Arab Emirates, where there is a prohibition for local and semi-dry for visitors. In Dubai or Abu Dhabi in the bars of resort hotels, alcohol is very expensive, and in Sharjah alcohol and get almost impossible at all. Instead of the alcohol hotel offer their guests to engage in physical education. Thus, in the UAE to the sport, albeit amateur, equally or involuntarily, almost every rest. Yes, and choose the sport Tourist can in your liking. There are no restrictions here.

Self "Tsarsky" Sports in the UAE – is golf and jumps. Golf fans better settle in the hotels of Emirate Dubai – Forte Grand or Jebel Ali. Near these hotels there are 9- and 18-hole golf courses, and the market coaches are considered the best in the UAE. For a beginner here Razdat. His for two or three days will teach the Azam Games, will pick up a suitable club and give to play "Professional" Golf Party for Full Circle.

However, in the UAE Golf game for tourists – just the most expensive pleasure. Two-day course at the Jebel Ali Hotel (six hours a day with a lunch break) costs from $ 370. The high cost of the golf is explained simply: the golf course should be a specialty rammed, relief and covered with grass. In the desert, which occupies almost the entire territory of the Emirates, make a good field very hard.

Horse racing is much cheaper. In the same Jebel Ali or in another hotel Dubai – Metropolitan Beach purebred horses can be rented half a day for $$ 30-50. To those resting, who used to be even near the hill even near and, accordingly, he does not know from which side to come to him, will be prefeeding an experienced instructor. He will quickly teach anyone managed with a horse.

But if the jumps are not particularly sitting, they can be replaced by leisurely camels. There is a trip to camel hump cheaply: $$ 5-10 per hour. The cheapness of camels is explained simply: in the UAE "Ships desert" Once in ten more than the thoroughbred horses.

When the tourist get bored and camel riding, command competitions. Plus – usual Europeans Sports: Football, Volleyball or Badminton. Information about the time of such competitions is postponed in advance in the lobby of the hotel. For participation in the game and "usage" hotel ball decent hotels from guests do not take money.

First charge, the beer - after

In addition to competitions on land, hotels in the UAE offer their guests and water contests. Three, at the hotel Sharjah Continental, a large selection of windsurfing boards, canoeing and catamarans under sail. Rent "Uncoid" Sailing sports costs $$ 5-8 for half an hour. Competitions Among the kayakers and windsurfingists are held in Sharjah Continental regularly. Registration fee – $ 15.

Fans of rabid velocities will delight the Oceanic Hotel, which is in the Carfaqan on the shores of the Oman Bay. There every two weeks are arranged amateur races on motor boats. The winners get a small handmade carpets as a gift. But not everywhere the winners are handing carpets. In some hotels, they are given plush bears, crystals and ceramic plates painted by local craftsmen.

And even more lucky those who set up at the Fujairah Hilton Hotel. There are winners of bowling competitions will receive a bin of local beer. Non-alcoholic. This beer is not scattered here. Indeed, in the hotel bar, one bank of the Dutch Heinikent is more expensive than five bottles of local beer. Want you do not want, and you will do sports!

First charge, the beer - after

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