A first-aid kit on vacation: what medications take with you

You can’t take a fourth swimsuit with you, but in the tourist baggage must be a first-aid kit. Much can happen while traveling: mountain trips or on the hot sands of exotic beaches, it is worth it to prepare. It is better to save yourself and nerves and health. What to take with you on a vacation aid kit? What must be on vacation aid kit?

First of all, the first aid kit must be Adapted to the character of the trip. On hot beaches, some resources will be required during mountain trips &# 8211; Others, and in the journey with children you need differently to the first aid kit. Need to take into account what threats are waiting in this place, and anticipate as many situations as possible in which help may be required.

If you are chronically sick, should not forget about the basic drugs.

If you pack medications and other drugs that you have at home, be sure to check, whether she has expired. It is very important!

What should be in the first-aid kit?

  • Painty and anti-inflammatory means: Head, Tooth, Menstrual Pain &# 8211; these are not glooms that may appear at any time and effectively spoil you mood and disrupt rest. note: If you drive a car and there is a need to take painkillers, be sure to read the instructions, is there any contraindications for driving. Or immediately, collecting a first-aid kit for vacation, take medications safe for drivers. Also good to have with you Anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs.
First aid kit on vacation what medications take with you
  • Means from the diseases of the stomach and problems with digestion:Climate change, environment, unusual food and, finally, emotions and stress &# 8211; All this can lead to Failure of the digestive system.Therefore, it is necessary to pack on the vacation aid kit: gastric drops, drugs from diarrhea (for example, coal), dehydrating agents for diarrhea (smecta), something from constipation, poisoning, dummy (tablets, pieces).
  • Funds from cuts, RAS and injuries: in the vacation aid kit will not cost without bandages (take several different, including rubber), sterile dressings, patches of all sizes, including from blister, triangular scarf in case of fracture or dislocation. Also do not forget to take with you anesthetic and anti-inflammatory ointment, hydrogen peroxide or salicylic alcohol (gauze napkins).
  • Funds from burns and rubbing: Safety can end painful burns and blisters on the skin. Especially if you do not have time to prepare the skin to a strong sudden sunburn before leaving. In addition to creams with strong sunscreen and splashes, you should stock burns with burns (foam, sprays, creams). Baby powder will also be useful &# 8211; Ideal for scuffs and abrasions. Remember that jellyfish can also burn.
  • Tools from bites:mosquitoes, ticks and other insects, and even amphibian or mammals (a cute owner kitten can also bite or scratch) &# 8211; With such meetings, it is necessary to reckon, so it is worth taking precautions and progress. So you need to pack in the first-aid kit for insects (there are many on the market, you can choose a cream or spray). If something bites you, it is useful to the means mitigating the effects of bite.
  • Other: In addition to drugs and drugs, it will be useful: lime (with possible allergic reactions), a thermometer, a saline in small ampoules (when redoing the eyes or cases, when something falls into the eyes), tweezers (use it to pull out the off-beland), Scissors, disinfectants.

Be careful, remember this

First, do not forget correctly Transport medicine. One thing &# 8211; Conditions, that is, the right temperature and dense packaging &# 8211; Everyone knows about it, and, if you doubt, use the instructions attached to medicines and medical drugs. The main thing &# 8211; let them be in the original packaging. Some medications, such as probiotics, should be stored in the refrigerator. They are not suitable for transportation.

Second &# 8211; These are narcotic substances when you travel by plane. There are many restrictions here, and you must adapt to them. First of all, when you take medicine to the plane, you must have Medical certificate, in which there is permission to take medicine on a trip. For considerations of airline safety require transporting liquid drugs in containers up to 100 ml, if more, again, a medical certificate is required that they will need during a trip in such quantities. About the necessary drugs should be reported during safety check.

And the last, no less important point: Before travel, make sure you Do not violate local rules, Connecting narcotic drugs to the country you visit. Not everyone knows about it, but in different regions of the world these rules are different. For example, in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, it is possible to be in prison if the protection of narcotic drugs with opiates are detected. Pseudoephedrin is prohibited in Japan, which is part of drugs for nasal sinuses and even painkillers and anti-inflammatory means.

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