Firgers, toy museum

In addition to the Museum-Museum, Dali in Figiese, in my opinion, also deserves attention to the museum of toys.

Although I would call his Museum of Childhood. Regardless of age, any person will find something entertaining and reminding about the past bright days. The museum contains an incredible number of toys of all times and peoples, there is an interactive room and souvenir shop.

We wandered around the museum about one and a half hours, but if you could leave me alone, I would have looked at these toys all day.

Whole century of the story of the toy railway, which only cars here! In the neighboring hall, there is a large railway running right under the legs. (under the glaze)

Oh, this is interesting. Apparently, toys for children from super religious families. Maybe not a toy at all.

Candles, by the way, real.

The museum contains a whole collection of miniature sewing machines. This, for example, the size of the matchbox (if not counting the tabletop).

Dog almost like a living, only on wheels.

Terribly funny cardboard footballers for desktop football.

For young stylish and future maniacs.

Films that show stories only about Mickey.

Imagine how people were smart! For these diamers, as you can see, even electricity has not been required.

Nina’s doll with piercing look.

And again toy for the most religious kids.

Collage "Collect the face" do it yourself

The ancestors are now very fashionable dolls of Tilda.

These ethnic Peruvian dolls I really liked.

Where without teddy bears. In this museum, their simply inconceivable amount.

Firgers, toy museum

And this bear special, he belonged to El Salvador Dali. Who would be surprised

Closer to the exit began some kind of madness. Many, sorry, cutting toys of different texts and sizes. In this uncomplicated pose, the figures and boys and girls and animals and even nuns are sitting! Brad delusional. Apparently, the Spaniards see something terribly funny.

Postcard for memory. Awesome. Hearts, teddy bear and butterflies now do not surprise anyone.

At the entrance (on the same output) many doll houses in which your puppet life boils. The interiors of houses can only be envied, well, or take something to note. Especially pleased the house of skeletons)

Skeletons are resting after a rapidly night.

All as a real – these curtains, miniature cups, baskets, flowers. Handmade, by the way.

Like Alice in the Wonderland, who removed from the wrong jar)

After the museum, we still wandered around the city in search of a place for easy snack.

Cheerful hotel with cows on the facade.

Reclined to confectionery, which in Spain are generally a lot. And of course, all fresh and very tasty. I can not boast)

Firgers, toy museum

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