Firefighter Parade Dezome-Siki

At the beginning of the year, the traditional parade of firefighters is held in Tokyo. As part of the holiday, there are demonstration performances of the Brigades of firefighters and urgent response services. Such parades are conducted as ancient times and must remind people about the danger of fire. This tradition was born in the 17th century after several large fires that burned most of the city. At the beginning of the year, such marches pass throughout the country, but the parade in Tokyo is considered the largest. The organizer of the parade is traditionally becoming a fire department Tokyo.

Before the start of the parade, firefighters are sent to the temple of Weno Tosseg to ask the gods about protection against fire and fires in the coming year. Then the procession itself begins in which fire calculations, helicopters, professional and voluntary fire fighters participate. The programs of the program are speeches dressed in the costumes of fire epochs Edo (XVII-XIX centuries.) acrobats that are performed by dizzying tricks on high bamboo stairs. This skill was necessary by the Edo Fire Epoch, who had to quickly climb the roof of buildings and cut off the fire so that the fire would not spread to neighboring buildings.

Firefighter Parade Dezome-Siki

In Japan, very seriously belongs to the fight against fires and countering other emergency situations. Every year on January 15 in Japan, celebrate the Day of Voluntary Fire Brigades. For those who are interested in the history of fire-fighting in Japan, the doors of the Museum of the Fire Department of Tokyo, located in Tokyo district of Shinjuku.

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