Fire Valley Park (Valley Of Fire) – Why go?

All necessary information on one of the most colorful and textural US parks – valley of Fire. Here you will see the ornate forms that nature has transformed the once existed on these lands sandy desert. «Waves», «Uli», «Rainbow» – such unusual phenomena of the Valley of Fire, notable visitors for miracles.

general information

Park Name: Valley of Fire State Park (Valley of Fire State Park)

State: Nevada, Clark County (Clark County), United States

Distances from Valley of Fire:

    – 183 miles / 293 km (3 hours) – 54 miles / 86 kilometers (1 hour) – 323 miles / 516 km (5 hours) – 312 miles / 499 km (5 hours)

  • Dam Guser – 68 miles / 108 km (1.5 hours)
  • Fire Valley Park (Valley Of Fire) - Why go

Short description: incredibly beautiful and colorful park, hitting its saturated colors and a variety of forms. Here you can see the natural arch, scenic canyons, «Waves», very similar to the famous Coyote Buttes, unusual formations of sandstone, enchanting landscapes and more.

Schedule: the park is open to visitors 365 days a year from dawn to dusk (camping – round the clock). Visitor Center (Visitor Centre) runs from 8:30 to 16:30 every day. There are two entrances: the west (West Entrance Station) and the east (East Entrance Station).

The cost of visiting:

  • Ticket for a car and all passengers – 10 dollars;
  • Individual ticket (For those who come to the park on a bicycle or come by foot) – 1 dollar;
  • bus – for those who came to the park by bus, the cost will be $ 2 per visit;
  • Annual pass (Annual Entry Permit) – $ 75 (valid for one year and applies only to visit the Valley of Fire, can be purchased from the Rangers);
  • Annual subscription (Passport Annual Permit) – 100 dollars (valid during the year and applies to all parks located on the territory of Nevada).

* Payment is made at the stations (Self-Pay Station) or in the cabins. In the first case, you will see the information booth, next to which the envelopes will be in which will need to put money, fill out the necessary information and omit the envelope in a nearby Iron safe-tube.

Annual Pass / Park Pass subscription to Parks states does not apply, their visit is always paid separately.

Park size: Fire Valley Park is relatively small and in order to see the basic interesting points enough to ride in two parallel roads, making falary to mini hiking. Conditionally, I would divide him into three parts:

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