Fire Valley Park (Valley Of Fire) – Why go? Part 3

As in any park, there are a number of restrictions and rules in the Fire Valley, which do not require any special efforts.

  • Ride on the car is allowed only by designated roads. You can also stop in those places that are indicated by the sign «Parkovka», Although sometimes I want to suddenly stop, jealous of the awesome landscape.
  • You can stop in tents in the designated campsites that are quite a bit and some seem to be closed for the summer (one of such a particularly seen). Get permission for overnight outside the camping, as it happens in other parks, it is impossible.
  • You can only breed the fire in specially designated places for this.
  • The servants of the park are strongly asked not to carry out plants from the park, stones, minerals and the more not attempting to pick up any animals. All these things are protected by law and for non-compliance with the requirements you can earn a fine.
  • Pets are welcome, only they should be constantly on a leash not longer than 180 cm. It is impossible to enter the visitor center with them.
  • Trash must be thrown into special containers.
  • After sunset in the campsites urge to observe «Quiet hour» – elementary not to make noise and do not interfere with other vacationers.
  • Since the park is located in the desert, in the summer there is hot here, and it happens that it is very hot. This means that you need to stockpenter, especially if you go to Trail.
  • It is possible to work out climbing, but you need to clarify in the center of the center about the places where it is permitted.

Tips and recommendations

All tips and recommendations I collected in this article. In general, they are very similar to all parks.

What time is it necessary to inspect: I was surprised to find that very many tourists simply not know about this park. Those who know include it in the program mostly inspired because by going to the Fire Valley on the road to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon (or in Las Vegas, if moving in the opposite direction). We also drove there, casting at all afternoon to inspect. In general, during this time they managed to see quite a lot, but gallop. It turned out that interesting and beautiful places in this park are much more than it may seem at first glance. So, if you are in a hurry, pay the valley at least half a day, ideally you need to come for a whole day, or even a couple.


When best to visit the valley of fire? This question has a practically unambiguous answer – In the spring and autumn.


In winter, the temperature will be most likely comfortable. The maximum to which it rises – About +24 degrees. But get ready at night almost to frosts, for beyond zero beyond zero. I think if staying for the night in campsite, it will not be completely comfortable, but you can come for a day and walking very much, the main thing is, not to get into the rain, which in the winter there are.


Fire Valley Park (Valley Of Fire) - Why go Part 3

In the summer, on the contrary, in the valley of the fire is very and very hot. Such is the property of all deserts. On average, the temperature is about +38 degrees, but can rise and up to +49 degrees. And andriusix at the end of July fell just in the midst of. However, at night it is possible a sharp cooling. In addition, thunderstorms are possible in the summer.

Spring and in autumn Weather conditions are most favorable for visiting the park, as temperatures are smoothed – You will not freeze and do not be frozen in the sun, but you will walk in very pleasant conditions.

Useful Applied Information

Accommodation in the valley of fire and the surrounding area

There are two campsites on the park:

  • Atlatl Rock Campground (43 places)
  • Arch Rock Campground (29 seats, simpler than in the previous camping)

Both they work according to the principle FIRST Come – Fist Served, That is, it is impossible to boot in advance. Read more about this system and instructions on how to use campsites Read the instructions.

Cost night – 20 dollars from the car per night (including payment for the entrance to the park). You need to pay in the campsite. For an additional 10 dollars you can use Dump Station. Campgrounds are equipped with tables, a fireplace with a grill, water and toilets. Also available souls.

Previously, it was still possible to stop in the so-called Cabins. These are three «Domika», Built by the Civil Civil Corps of Environmental Protection. Now you can only look from the part.

In case, if all places in the campsites are busy, you can look for something nearby. On the information booth hung a list with the following options:

However, most often tourists visit the Fire Valley from Las Vegas and few people remain with the night here, so it may well come in handy an article about housing in Las Vegas, in which I describe a variety of options suitable for overnight stay – from cheap airbnb rooms to expensive hotels.

Where to eat: On the territory of the park you have nowhere to buy, so take with you, especially if you plan to stay here with overnight. The supply of drinking water is replenished in the park you can (in the Visitor Center and atlatl rock camping).

Refueling: refueling stations in the park also do not, so refuel the maximum in advance.

Where to look for the Internet (Wi-Fi): It is also missing, even in the city center.

Rent a Car: Rent a car at a great price for a trip to the Fire Valley and other places can be found at Pricaine. If the proposed options do not like, try searching here.


nine from ten. Very beautiful and memorable park, if there is a choice, then better miss the Hoover Dam and go here.

Fiery you impressions from the valley of fire, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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Fire Valley Park (Valley Of Fire) - Why go Part 3

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