Fire Valley Park (Valley Of Fire) – Why go? Part 2

Fire Valley is striking from the first sight. The first impressions that fiery stones are born in the head, cover the fire that flashes from all sides. It flares up everything with a greater force as the valleys will move. Somewhere red glow is replaced by milk, purple, pink, creamy and flashes a saturated terracotta color again. If you are a fan of beautiful places, then you just can’t drive past.

The only thing I am with Andrews are sorry, it is about the fact that we paid the valley of the fire too little time. Of course, to see someone and make a common idea, but to fully enjoy – No. See how many interesting things.

Red sandstone

A long time ago on the site of the park were sand dunes, which, under the influence of natural forces, climatic changes and other peripeties, turned into fossils. What happened is called sandstone, which is pretty durable and fragile at the same time. This is due to the latest property under the influence of restless winds and not too frequent, but happening in these edges of the rains, it turned out what can be observed today.


Another work of art masters, the name of which wind and water. If you carefully study the most hidden corners of the fire valley, then such masterpieces can be found very and very much. They look just fantastic!


One of the most picturesque and beloved tourists of the park of the Park where the so-called «Fiery waves». Probably, many have seen chic photos in the network, on which smooth, soft, sootful sandy «Waves» bright orange-red. So, the most popular place where they can be seen, this is already mentioned by me Coyote Buttes. To get there quite difficult, because the number of people who can see the local beauty is strictly limited. But not everyone knows that in the valley of the fire there is something similar, and to see these «Waves» you can completely without any work. Believe me, very spectacular!


What is still ready to surprise the valley of fire? With its unusual figures. There are several in the park, but we captured only one, and I will share it in a detailed article about the trail and sights of the valley. Here I will show someone else’s photo so that you have the idea of ​​what is being spent. We saw the balancing stone by driving by car, but did not stop. In vain.

Photos from WWW.Garyzuercher.Com.


It turned out, this is not all that the Valley of Fire is capable of. Something she shook the ancient petroglyphs on their slopes. There are goats, and men, and some sticks with pupils, dashes, zigzags, in general, many incomprehensible signs. If desired, you can try to decipher them, at the beginning of the trail is offered a simple instruction.

Fire Valley Park (Valley Of Fire) - Why go Part 2


Once a lot of years ago, a crack appeared in the slope. The ruthless wind was constantly clinging for her, blowing sand grains, and the rains also did not lag behind. And so they worked hard that it turned out such a natural or natural arch. Everything would be nothing but sometime under the onslaught of nature and it will not be, but for now we can admire. There are a lot of such entities in the park, you just need to look carefully))


Another attraction – Picturesque canyons. Despite the wild heat, one of them and Gruski and I saw a lot of unusual on the way: the slopes of the canyon, an insatiable wind, cavities in the rocks in which you can hide, «Puff» slopes for which you can trace multicolored simplifies, mini-arches, and so indefinitely. Kidding, of course, not indefinitely, but every interesting thing!

Road landscapes

Driving along the road through the valley, I want to stop almost through every hundred meters, it is a pity that it is not possible everywhere (we definitely missed a couple of masterpieces because of this). Black canvas road is very cool fits into the surrounding landscapes, creating a spectacular contrast.

Well, what do you say, isn’t you pretty? Although, all the most beautiful photos I left for the next article about the sights and trails of the valley, so come!

Fire Valley Park (Valley Of Fire) - Why go Part 2

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