Fire Mount Yanartash

Long ago, the Greek hero Bellerophon killed Chimera monster spews fire and threw it into the mountain, so it is always lit the flame at the top – so the legend goes. And in fact, Fire Mount Yanartash (in translation – «burning mountain») Is shrouded in fire and smoke – from a scientific point of view because of the accumulated inside the gas. When the gas comes to the surface, under the influence of oxygen it lights up, forming here and there small fire.

Fire Mount Yanartash – one of a kind top, the flame does not go out on that for thousands of years. Particularly spectacular at night – you can sit comfortably in such a campfire under a starry sky Turkish. and views of the coast. Under the moonlight a spectacular panorama: Red Pine down the slope down to the moonlit sea.

Fire Mountain Yanartash Attractions Kemer Guide Turproma

Tourists-romance at rise take with them torches ignited by a natural source and descend with their light. Rekomeetsya not only to take part in this procession, but also look at it from the outside – you can imagine yourself a part of the ancient gods of the world. Or shaman, not burning in the fire – Burning Mountain his little flame does not burn your hands.

Get to the unique natural phenomenon is not difficult – Fire Mountain Yanartash located near the settlement of Cirali, near the resort town of Kemer, you can choose a bus tour or rent a jeep.

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