Fire garden in Stonehenge

From July 10 to July 12, the "Fire Garden" (Fire Garden), created by the French pyrotechnic company COMPAGNIECARABOSSE, will turn the Stonehenge to a flaming fabulous place, where fire sculptures will dance, fiery fire boilers will revive stones, and candle cascades illuminate paths.

Compagnien Carabosse is widely known for his love for fire. It uses this element as an artistic tool to create impressive installations in Europe and around the world: each of them is unique, as it is chosen for a specific locality. Visitors of the "Fiery Garden", which is part of the London 2012 festival and is represented by the Salisbury International Arts Festival (Salisbury International Arts Festival), will be able to walk between concentric flaming circles and huge fiery balls, symbolizing the elements of the calendar – the act under to become one of the most famous and legendary Monuments of Britain. "Fire Garden" will be opened in the evenings – from 21 hours before midnight – from Tuesday, July 10, 2012., On Thursday, July 12, 2012.; You can enter it no later than 23:30.

Fire garden in Stonehenge

"Fire Garden", of course, will attract many in Stonehenge, where and so more than one million visitors per year comes. However, its picturesque landscape is subjected to a serious impact of roads and cars that interfere with admiring the monument, full of secrets and symbolism, and violate his connection with the surrounding prehistoric landscape and ancient monuments.

That is why the English Heritage (English Heritage) launched a project worth $ 27 million, aimed at the "Restore of Stonehenge" (Restore the Dignity of Stonehenge) and implying road traffic travel away from the monument. The A344 route, which currently passes by Stonehenge, will be closed, which will significantly reduce the automotive movement within the borders of this World Heritage Site. However, Stonehenge will still be opened for everyone. In addition, it is planned to connect Stonehenge with Avenue, an ancient road on which ritual processions passed. Plans for the opening of a new building for visitors in the Aviator Corner are also being developed – about 1.5 miles from the stone circle. It will be a modern addition to the already existing infrastructure for visitors, which will make the story of Stonehenge and its prehistoric environment available and attractive for guests.

Fire garden in Stonehenge

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