Fire Earth

Few people can boast that she visited the edge of the earth. The list of such personalities includes great navigators and conquerors, world-famous scientists, as well as 120 thousand people of the provincial population in Argentina, called Fire Earth. Only in relation to these people, the wording &# 8220; visited&# 8221; completely incorrect. They live on &# 8220; edge of the earth&# 8221;, and today, any person wanting to see this &# 8220; edge&# 8221;, there is an opportunity to visit him and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this area.

Capital &# 8220; edge of light&# 8221;

Ushuaia – administrative center Fire Earth and the most southern settlement on the planet, enjoys the continued success in tourists seekers &# 8220; highlight&# 8221; in vacation and thirsty to feel an unforgettable spirit of the southern pole. Often the city is called the gate to Antarctica and not surprising.

After all, it is the city port that is a transshipment point and the main starting point for ships to this specific mainland, the distance to which is 900 km. There are three main directions, taking tourists in these places.

Ushuaia National Park

Fin del Mundo or in our way, Edge of land. Such is the name of this place. Getting here absolutely not problematic and takes no more than fifteen minutes drive from the center Ushuayia. This park is a visual illustration of an exciting natural splendor, which are so rich in the local land. Here and hundreds of species of various birds and animals, and picturesque bays with bays, and dozens of islands of different sizes, and the famous strait Beagle.

Strait of beagle

Strait that connects Silent and Atlantic Oceans. Already only from this thought captures the Spirit, and there is a constant desire to visit there. But tourists use the main demand, still the opportunity to see Penguins and seals In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir natural habitat. To do this, you need to buy an excursion to the tourist boat that runs along the strait. Many, to see the penguin not in the zoo, but in the conditions of wildlife, a sort of childhood dream and here this dream come true.

Fire Earth

Travel to Antarctica

And, probably, the most popular and unusual tour of Ushuaia – in Antarctica. Starting point after which only South Pole.

The bulk of tourists buying tours in Antarctica, Before sending a ship, be sure to day or two spends on Fire Earth.

Fire Earth – An ideal place for connoisseurs of unique flora and fauna of the most southernmost points in the world. Well, the feeling that you are on the edge of the world will probably add emotions to the already bright impressions of this place.

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