Fire dreams

He could work at the factory, but fate chose another way for him. Path of fire. In Vladimir, lives a real teller fiery element. Vasily Peshkov is only 24 years old. But despite the so-old age, he is a noticeable person in the regional capital. The center of the Golden Ring without the talent of this young man would not be so bright in the literal sense, and in the historic town would not fly like moths on the light, travelers from all over the country. Vasily – purposeful young man. His life is full of surprises, however, not always pleasant. But the hero of this interview knows exactly what he wants from life and boldly goes to his dear

I confess, the conversation with Vasily turned out very interesting. For the first time for the first time for a long time I met a person who would have so burned his dream! Of course, the text will not transmit all the emotions of Vasily. Behind this guy you need to watch: behind his movements, as his facial expressions change during a conversation, how he is hotly telling about the case – a fire show. Heroes such as Vasily Peshkov – Always special for me, because contrary to the life of what they want.

As in one person, there are several talents in harmoniously: theatrical, musical and writing? For what he travels a lot and why does not want to stay in his hometown? And why suddenly the fire became the meaning of his life? Exclusive conversation for club travelers club "My planet".

Author: Natalia Zobnina, journalist, member of the club travelers TV channel "My planet"
In the material used photos from the archives of Vasily Peshkov

He is sure: each city has its own soul and magic. Moreover, he read it not in books, as it would be possible to think, but I understood on a personal example – travel a lot in the country. Stories accumulated to some of them Share with club readers.

"There was a very interesting story in Prague. In autumn. There absolutely did not catch a connection. I went to walk in the center. Borrowed. I think where to go to find the right place. In English I’m not particularly. In the center of Prague there is a dam. From it flows water down on 1, 5 meters. Such beauty! I hear the noise of water, I think you need to go there! Come and imagine the dam right under me. I for what: the city of myself led me where I wanted. Since then, very strongly believed that each city has its own soul, its energy. It happens, you come somewhere and that you do not do, well, everything pushes you from this place. And it happens that you come to the unknown and came there, where it is necessary. In St. Petersburg, too, has its own energy, only I have not felt it until. To feel the energy of cities, I travel. I need for this 2-3 days. One day is very little. To feel the nature itself. It happens that on the first day you see good, the second day is also good, the third day is no longer very good, and then you want to leave soon.

And, frankly, there is such an example. In Prague. Prague – very peculiar, mystical, but good city. There you need to come with an open soul. Arrived and open it. If you come and you have everything closed – you can easily get lost. But if you are open, the city itself will lead you there, where it is necessary and will make everything so that you are fine.

One of the cities of my soul is Nizhny Novgorod. Met on the fire festival with people. Went home to Vladimir. And then somehow led to a girl from Nizhny and she invited me to walk. Goal. Planned for a day. Stayed for a week. Before this trip, I performed. I had a huge rotating spectrogram. I came to the city and somehow it all happened – immediately took me".

– Where were you born and grew up?

– I was born in Vladimir. When I come back to Vladimir, he is for me how "Mother". You come and feel – House. "Mom who meets the prodigal son". But there is another side – everything is in one rhythm there. After all, before 14 years old, I did not live in Vladimir. After the army became interested in creativity. 20 years old I was. I am doing a fiery show, I am writing prose and music, I play a guitar, teaching in the theater studio, but I have no theatrical education, juggling.

Everything happened peculiar. I love to dream from my childhood. I have a lot of questions, many plots – 15 pieces for books, probably. They tell people. And people tell me: "Vasya, write a book, why don’t you write books?" I just lack patience. Periodically, to reboot the brain, I took a laughter more, I got like this (gets up, takes a stick for fire and turns her), thought, thought: "Why there are no other reasonable forms of life on our planet, or they are, but where. " I was 14, and I did a stick here, as now. For me it was just a skill that rebooted my brains.

In the army, when such techniques showed, the guy from St. Petersburg said to me: "Vasya is a fire show!" I, they say that it is generally this, I have no idea! He, they say, all, you perform on November 19. And I was afraid of the scene just afraid was afraid. Trembled, still whispered. and "Rafgovaria" exactly this way.

But the performance in the army somehow did not inspire me and I forgot about it for a year. After the army already got a job, thought that I would go working in a specialty for factory. It so happened that I told about the enthusiasm to one of the alignments. He invited to participate in one event and there I met a teacher of a children’s musical theater studio. And I am engaged in fencing. Performed it was at the amateur level. AND. Hall rose!

And ovations. I liked it so much that I understood: I want to be here, here in this very place. What nafik plant! Here and now.

Then twisted on several professional sticks stick. I noticed one girl. Wrote to me in one of the social networks. Invited to the fire show. And I agreed. Showed that I can. I was slightly corrected.

And then began to study independently. I’m dreaming. Yes, I dream to speak on a big scene with my work. On stage where there will be more than 10 thousand people in the hall. I want to combine fire, music, your song and merge all this in a special feed – theatrical, of course.

– What do you think you need to do?

– I understand: in order to fulfill my dream, it will take a lot of years if you live in Vladimir. Maybe 20, or even 30 years. And I want to do it now, while young. And I’m looking for opportunities, a lot of travel.

It is important for me a constant movement forward. When I see a person and understand, he does something awesome, I’m charging! I need to attach a little more effort and everything will turn out. Always look at people who make incredible things and inspire!

Artists actually a lot in "Fire" business. But here are those who deal with this very seriously and on a rather high professional level, little. I guys say a lot of things, but I really trust my heart. It almost never deceived me. There was a moment when I was engaged in an animation. Imagine an event, it is terribly organized. But in spite of everything, I arrived and spoke. It was difficult. It happened that people have been seeking. I come to speech with your team and I’m in the buzz! I like to perform and people feel.

– Training is needed every day?

– Honestly, the last two days I did not train. This is bad. Usually train hours three – four. There are auxiliary workouts, the last year was very fascinated by choreography. Engaged in chirilding. That props, which I have, began to study with him last year. For one wand, for example, do not look at all. But if others take, sometimes I spy on people. But most often I think myself.

Fire dreams

– You seriously enjoy music, it’s true?

– Yes it’s true! With music I have a very strong story. I say that I am a stubborn person. Not used to surrender, this is a fact. Three years begged – I dreamed of writing songs. Long did not work and all. Did not feel the rhythm, nothing. And then somehow everything came. And this year already put his first performance. I had a team. Four people. I did not take first. More than once wanted to abandon. But then he recalled, for which he started and all these thoughts went. I went forward.

My parents are a little connected with creativity. My mom in young years danced and drawing. Then played on the piano, but she scored her fingers. And desire, respectively. Creativity remains in her life, but it is a hobby. Father, I have not seen him for 10 years. He is somewhere.

And now I’m working with kids. Show them your work skills with fire. They say it is impossible, it is unreal (laughs) I am 24, but it is interesting to engage in teaching activities. It is interesting to explain to children what I can. It is interesting to watch children – they are so different!

– You live in Vladimir – the spiritual place of Central Russia. You are comfortable in my hometown?

– It is hard to say. Yes, a lot of young people would not want to leave Vladimir. But it is impossible to develop there with a young man. Cause One – Closed Doors. For example me. I adore the theater and want to work in this area. But I have no theatrical education. And in front of me the doors are closed. I think it’s a complete nonsense. Why do I need education if I have my point of view and do not want to be a stamped person with a diploma.

I enjoy reading. Those books that capture the spirit. I grew up on fantasy. Read all John Tolkina at 10 years. Every page 10 times – so I liked him. When read, I realized that I do not want to part with his books. Then I gave me another book – Alexey Pekhov "Spring in shady". Trilogy. I am her "grabbed" at once. And when I studied at school, I did not read anything for the summer what was asked. In 19 years, only read Dumas "Three Musketeers". Before that it was very skeptical to the classics. But then I realized how awesome! And began to move with great pleasure to this literature. "Martin Eden" Jack London – this book I am incredibly struck me!

– Your dream is now?

– Tour. That’s a very difficult question. When three years ago plunged into the work of fire, there was an incredible development of our direction – we were all burned.

Then at one moment stopped and precisely – crawled. And I understand now: if you plan a tour, then they are only possible in two minimum. Not all artists it is necessary. Many are engaged in completely landed affairs: they marry, give birth, take mortgages and somehow live. Here such people are a lot. But it normal. However, I, honestly, is not entirely clear, why then "dip" In this whole environment, if there are no serious development plans. Enthusiasm no almost no one. Only 3-5 people who really seek to develop. But I know what I want and will go my dear.

Fire dreams

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