Finns constantly drink coffee and want him to never end

Finns began to eat coffee long ago. Since 1700, for the first time, coffee began to drink in Vyborg and, like a harmful innovation, I banned Lutheran Church. Gradually, the thought of coffee is beginning to get used to, and among noble people, fashion drinking coffee appears. In 1750, coffee was used in Helsinki 130 people, and tea drank 116 people, such is not good statistics. Basically, coffee used rich Finns with Swedish roots. And since 1800, drinking coffee began to allow themselves and families not very rich, and since 1900, coffee drank in almost every family in accordance with the presence of money in the wallet. In Finland there were rhymes about coffee as "about beautiful and gold" Drink. And manual mills appeared in the kitchens, and the smell of ground coffee gave a festive and spoke of a certain intraction or, in any case, about the desires of that. Coffee ceremony firmly settled in Finland.

And now give a pack of good coffee – a sign of respect for the house. Give a good coffee service – it is a wonderful and respectful to the owners a gift.

Today, no one speaks about the addiction of the Finns to coffee, it has long been a way of life. Invite to coffee to the house, drink coffee, drink coffee in the morning, drink coffee in the morning, in the afternoon. Coffee relaxes Finns, they are surprisingly quickly falling asleep after the evening 2-3 cups of coffee, this drink leads to clarity mind, gives cheerfulness and makes it even better.

Drivers stop at filling stations to drink coffee, and then with a certain constancy again drink coffee, the teacher comes to a break in the teacher, where it smells of fresh coffee, and drinks a cup of fresh to go back to the class. A cup of coffee – this tradition everywhere. At weddings, funeral, official receptions, on birthdays. Drink this precious drink for them.

But if you are invited to the house in the house on a cup of coffee, then here, of course, a certain home ceremony begins.

For the hostess of the house, everything is important: and tablecloth on the table, and coffee set, and spoons, and napkins, and cookies or other what suitable coffee baking. And everything is so chinno and measured, with some special Finnish efforts that you also strain and pull out not to disturb this ceremonial procedure. Here, of course, the best coffee and be sure to drink, at least two cups, so as not to offend the hostess, and praise, as if not enough, a couple of times – not too much. It is important not to overdo it. As for the request for tea, it is better not to stand out and "go all in the same ranks". And do not say, do not drink coffee at night as well? In short, it is not in Finnish.

Finns constantly drink coffee and want him to never end

We were in Finland and in times like these that the coffee sold on cards – 250 grams per person, and it is only 25% of its coffee. It was in 1939, and have a cup of real coffee at the time was a fabulous dream of every Finn. A few years all the products have been on the cards, but most of all have dreamed to have a drink is not a substitute for, a real coffee. This Finns still remember today. His life they are not without this drink. In the history of nations there is always something amazing. Where, for example, the Finns such an attitude, it would seem, to the southern coffee? Perhaps this contributed to the fact that they gave the Scandinavian calm character some more momentum? Maybe it warmed their winter times, because once explained that of all the peoples of Europe the Scandinavians drink it most.

"This drink strengthens the womb, helps the stomach in cooked food, clogged the interior cleans and warms the stomach", – so said the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus more than two hundred years ago, dreaming even grow coffee in northern latitudes.

In everyday life, the Finns do not have the exotic in the production of coffee, such as the Italians, which show almost no art to prepare a cup of coffee. Finns are not added to the very strong coffee with whipped cream and decorated with coffee orange peel, incinerate in a tablespoon of brandy, carefully lowering his coffee. There is nothing, although it is considered bad manners to offer just coffee. Finns often drink this just coffee, and nothing – alive and well!

Finns constantly drink coffee and want him to never end

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