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Before Finland from us – hand to file. But this is already a real Europe – Finland, as is known to be included in the EU.

Choosing a country for study, our compatriots almost do not take into account Finland. First, it is embarrassed by the language – the Cognophia of Finnish there is little. But in many universities there are courses in English. Secondly, we just know little about Finnish education. Nevertheless, in some regions Finland "Ahead of Europe all". For example, in Finland go to learn design, technology, agriculture, telecommunications. But the Finnish diploma for any other specialty is recognized everywhere in Europe. And the training fee is much lower here than in many European universities.

These arguments are already enough to think about the continuation of education in the country of Suomi.

Residents of Peter, Murmansk and other neighboring areas of Finland have already understood and began to master Finnish education: someone goes to professional courses, someone enters the university (according to "I", In Helsinki University, the largest foreign community is our), someone just travels for weekly seminars.

In Moscow, the active propagandist of Finnish education is society "EDAS": It gives consultation on education in Finland, selects an educational institution or special course, conducts field seminars, schools, implements jointly with the Ministries of Education of Russia and Finland, joint education projects.

In this article we will make a brief overview of Finnish education and tell about how to enroll in the Finnish university.

Children in Finland, like us, go to school in 7 years. Up to 13 years old, they learn in the younger school, then go to the eldest, where up to 16 years. In private schools, some linguistic, "Steiner schools" and etc. There is a system "Kindergarten – School": children give there from 3-4 years.

Recently, many schools go to "Vnearly" learning system: the student himself determines the time required by him to study this or that item. For a long time, schools had the same curriculum, but now there is a tendency to specialization and individualization of secondary educational institutions.

In the country, Suomie employs 4 international linguistic schools – English, German, French and our. These are elite schools, they learn primarily in them. English Specialcol has a special status: it is supported by one of the religious organizations. German and French schools until recently focused exclusively by Germany and France. Three years ago, the Finnish side was connected to their financing. The our school, as can be guessed, Russia has never been funded and has always been on the content of Finland.

In public schools training is free. Training aids, medical care and meals are also free (and in some schools also delivery of a child in / from school, escort and accommodation – in boarding schools).

The school year begins in August and ends in early June. In addition to summer vacation, there are still Christmas (10 days), winter (6 days) and Easter (4 days).

In all schools, students from the first grade are studying the second state language – Swedish (it says 6% of the country’s population). Foreign language (English, German, French or our) is studied from the third grade. In addition, additional optional items appear in the program: second foreign language, computer science, typewrition, music, commercial items, rural and forestry. In Finnish schools adopted a 10-point estimate system.

At the end of high school, the student can go to the gymnasium (lyceum), vocational school or continue studying in the voluntary 10th grade.

The condition for admission to the gymnasium is a high medium score in all subjects (8-9 points) on high school final exams. Studying in the gymnasium lasts 3 years and ends with an examination at the certificate of maturity.

Training in gymnasiums goes on the course system. For each course is given a rather short period – about one and a half months. In the curriculum indicates how many courses for each subject should go through the school year. The school year in the gymnasium is divided by 5-6 parts (courses).

Vocational and technical education in Finland is divided into secondary and higher. Finnish special education is very different. Many such professional educational institutions that work under a certain industry and are preparing students for one specialty.

Today’s floors – far from "Gray" People: At their disposal are classes equipped with modern appliances, more than 200 subjects are offered to choose. In Finnish PTUs are preparing real professionals who always and everywhere.

Training in Profdechilishchs lasts from 2 to 6 years – depending on the level of education and the selected specialty. Practice has been required to be included in the curriculum.

The university comes mainly yesterday’s gymnasists. There are no compulsory entrance exams in Finnish universities, but each individual university in each specific case can assign exams.

Pick up students, including foreign, mainly on documents. our certificate of maturity is recognized by most Finnish universities and may be sufficient to enroll in university. Sending an application to the university, should immediately find out which documents must be submitted to the admission committee whether it will arrange its secondary education, or you still need to learn a year in the our university.

Finnish universities, institutions and higher schools are more accessible to foreigners than secondary schools, because they have training programs in English and even German. Information on these programs and conditions of enrollment can be obtained at the Finnish Embassy in Moscow (the list of these programs is coming there at the end of May) or in the following organizations in Finland:

MINISTRY OF EDUCATION: P.O. BOX 293 SF-00171 HELSINKI, TEL. +358-0-612 1335 Telex 122 079 MINED SF

Center for International Mobility (CIMO): P.O. BOX 343 SF-00531 HELSINKI, TEL. +358-0-7747 7677 (Help), + 358-0-7747 7033 (Switch), Fax + 358-0-7747 7064

Ministry for Foreign Affairs: P.O. BOX 176 SF-00161 HELSINKI, TEL. +358-0-134-151 (Switch)

Finnish International Development Agency (Finnida), Ministry for Foreign Affairs Mannerheiminitie 15 SF-00260 Helsinki, Tel. +358-0-134 161 (Switch)

Association of Summer Universities: Hameenkatu 26B 406 SF 33200 Tampere, Tel. +358-31-147 626

Finnish universities

An American education model has been adopted in Finnish universities: each listened course is equal to loans, during the training you need to dial a certain number of loans (in each university and at different faculties the number of loans has its own). Training lasts 4 years to the degree of bachelor, 5-6 years – to the master’s degree.

Education fees in Finnish universities Pure symbolic – $$ 50-100 per semester. But students have to pay for housing, food and t. D.

The expenses of a foreign student amounts to about 4.500 Finnish brands per month ($ 1 = 4.84 FIM). Students have the right and opportunity to earn. In addition, you can apply for a scholarship. Scholarships to foreign students are allocated annually by various funds (for example, CIMO and FINNIDA mentioned above).

Get a scholarship, as usual, not very simple: you need to prove your outstanding abilities and submit evidence that you have good academic results.

In addition, the Finnish Ministry of Education, together with the State Bank of Finland, allocates loans for foreign students. The loan is given for 10 years under 4-5% per annum.

All universities have centers for additional education (Further Education). They offer additional professional and open university education.

Additional vocational education – these are professional courses for individual subjects. Now, for example, courses on pedagogy and social sciences are very popular. Further Education does not give an academic degree, but when taking a job, it is quoted high enough.

Open universities, as follows from the name, are open to all. They can do anyone who wants, regardless of age, the level of education and T. D. In the open university you can enhance your qualifications, get a new profession or a scientific degree.

Open universities are famous for their linguistic courses (usually they teach Finnish, English, Latin, Swedish, our, German, French, Spanish, Italian and other languages).

Whether the Finnish diploma is quoted in Europe

According to the project of the Commission on the Education of the European Union, soon all diplomas issued in EU member states should be standardized, and therefore interchangeable and recognized.

In the meantime, the value of one or another diploma determines the employer in each specific country. Finnish academic degree, which is assigned to a student after 5 or 6 years of study at the university, corresponds to the American "Masterhs Degree", French "Maitrise" or German "Magister Artium" and "Erste Und Zweite StaatsPrufungen".

Obviously one thing: with the Finnish diploma, a good profession and excellent knowledge of one or two European languages ​​The road to Europe is open to you.

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