Finnish Parking

The most popular points of intersection of the our-Finnish border, through which the main transport stream is underway, are located in the Vyborg district – in peatienovka and crucible. On a weekday, the passage of the border here can take 30-40 minutes, and on weekends and holidays – several hours. If on the border there is also a big queue, you can also use the Svetogorsk / Imatra gearbox 60 km north of Vyborg. The road here leaves much to be desired, but there is almost no queues on the transition. In festive and weekends, it allows you to noticeably save time.

Usually before the border there is a long column of trucks, it must be driven out, because in front of the checkpoint the road is divided into several bands – for trucks, cars and buses. Next, choose a strip for cars registered in the our Federation. Before the intersection of the our border it is necessary to declare the car, having received a form at customs. Then check the documents on the machine and mark the completed declaration at the customs. Save this sheet, it will need you to diverturb your car back to Russia. When traveling to Finland for the weekend, remember that you enter into this country with any transport, except for air, can be imported into Finland alcohol only if there are at least 72 hours in the country. If you are going to travel less than three days, it is impossible to import even beer – it is considered smuggling.

Under the Finnish Customs Regulations, citizens of Russia, crossing the border, can be duty free to import goods acquired as gifts and for their own use, total worth not more than 175€. The same amount includes the cost of drinks. Duty free is allowed to import a liter of strong alcohol (tightly 22%), or 2 liters of aperitifs (up to 22%), or 2 liters of champagne. Plus 2 liters of fastening wines. By the way, cocktails in tin cans are equal to strong alcoholic beverages. Cigarettes can be imported no more than 200 pieces. The importation of pets is allowed if there is a certificate of grafting from rabies (made at least for 12 months and no more than 30 days before crossing the border) and certificate of vaccination against Echinococcus, made at least 24 hours and no more than 72 hour before the border crossing.

At the Finnish gearbox, the driver is obliged to present in addition to the traditional passport with a visa medical insurance, documents for the car (if he is not the owner, the power of attorney in our), as well "Green map" (Green Card) – the policy of insurance of civil liability of owners of motor vehicles traveling abroad (not to be confused with OSAGO, operating only in Russia). Border Formalities The driver passes along with passengers. Border guards may ask the duration and purpose of the trip, to require preparing medical insurance and cash – at least less €42 per day per person at the time stay. By the way, if you present a credit card in confirmation of your material consistency, questions will not arise. All questions should be given clear specific answers.

So, your inspection is completed and you have found thousands of lakes in the country. At any time of the day, immediately turn on the dipped light and fasten the seat belts. In general, the Finnish rules of the road traffic practically do not differ from our, difficulties cause only parking rules, since in Russia there is no tradition to pay for the car parking place. Parking in Finland can not be placed where the yellow line was carried out on the right edge of the road; Installed a sign prohibiting parking; as well as in the absence of any signs. You can park where there are resolving signs, as well as on the equipped parking lots in the immediate vicinity of shops, museums or entertainment establishments. Parking are three types: free – at any time and any day, free – for a certain time and days of the week, as well as paid.

Finnish Parking

Fully free parking are marked familiar to ours in the form of a Latin letter "P" On blue background. Usually they are located near large supermarkets. If the letter "P" accompanied by an image of the clock and a sign "30 min", "1 H" and T. D., This means that you can leave the car in the parking lot for free, for 30 minutes, 1 hour and t. NS. To stay on such parking, you need to buy in the store at the gas station Special parking hours of blue. They must be left in the cabin under the windshield so that the dial is visible from the street. Before leaving the car, the time setting is set. Counting time parking begins every half hour, and if you put the car in 8.35, then the count will start with 9.00. To extend the time of free parking, you can return to the car and re-set the value. Nevertheless, it is unsafe – if you are forced for the transfer of hours, you can earn a fine.

Sign with letter "P" and Parking Machine Pattern means that the parking lot is paid. If the sign indicates numbers – "8-17 (8-15)", This means that the parking lot is paid from 8 to 17 hours on weekdays and from 8 to 15 hours – on Saturday. On the other days you can park for free. Paying parking with the help of a machine and receiving a check, you should leave it under the windshield – so that it can be clearly visible outside. In the center of Helsinki, you can not leave the car for the whole day – you will have to come back and pay extra for the parking lot at least every 4 hours.

The owner of the wrong parked car, the parking department inspector disclaims the penalty and leaves the receipt in the plastic package under the wiper brush on the windshield. In Helsinki, the usual fine size for such a violation is 40€. If the parked car greatly makes the movement or creates a dangerous situation, the size of the fine can be significantly more. Do not leave the car without identifying sign "disabled person" In the place where parking is allowed only for disabled people, otherwise you will not find it on return – they evacuate the car. The rights of this category of population in Finland are very strict. If the owner of the car did not pay a fine, the receipt of payment is re-sent to the offender to the house, but 20 is added to the initial amount€. For the third time, the case can reach the court and forced withdrawal of the amount of the fine, which by that time grows to 67€. Unpaid fines in the future may interfere with you in obtaining a new visa to visit this country.

Finnish Parking

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