Finnish Milk. With cinnamon or fruit juice

In Finland, we always drank a lot. Milk, and not at all that you have already thought.

You will be in Finland, look at the shelf with dairy products in any supermarket. It’s just amazing how the Finns themselves are managed to understand this abundance. Nowadays, with the development of advanced technology, the number of varieties of milk itself, not to mention the derivatives, grows every day. Many residents of the country have formed their tastes in this part – say, attachment to the milk of certain fatty from a particular manufacturer. At the same time, the Finns are familiar not only the word yogurt, but also kefir. And sour cream, by the way, too.

But the Finns are not only drinking milk. They are very ingeniously using it in the kitchen, roughing their breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here, for example, how they prepare the so-called dairy toasts (Maito Korpuu). Ordinary crackers or just a stale bread need to be seen in a saucepan, pour milk and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then this mixture is slowly heated, continuously stirring, adjusted to a boil and immediately spilled in cups, adding some sugar and cinnamon.

Sometimes, for the mood, the Finns make cheese from her wonderful milk, but not on an industrial scale, but a little bit, home-friendly. Milk for this takes fat, slightly satisfy it and put on half an hour in a not very hot oven. Then add a bit of cinnamon and sugar and once again send it into the oven for the same half an hour. The resulting fragrant cheese can be immediately hot, and then you can then cool, it will also be delicious.

Finnish Milk. With cinnamon or fruit juice

Or take milk-fruit cocktails, very relevant hot Finnish summer. The glass of cold milk will need a half-table of the same cold juice – apple, or orange, or pineapple, or some other at your discretion. There I must also add a teaspoon of lemon juice, mix everything well and drink immediately.

Another relevant for summer dairy option. Take a portion of vanilla ice cream, a couple of soluble coffee spoons, a little sugar and a glass of cold milk. Now take all this to homogeneous mass and drink, it will be very finish.

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