Finnish kingdom of animals

Zoo in Helsinki occupies a whole island of Korkaasaari (Fin. Korkeasaari ("Highland")), five kilometers east of the center of the Finnish capital. You can get on either by bus (from the railway station), as I did, or by car (from the highway 170 you need to turn to the island Kulosaari, From him, Korkeasaari or Zoo pointers will lead to free parking of the zoo, just in case His address: Helsinki, MustikkamaanPolku 12 (MustikkamaanPolku)). From May to September in the zoo every half hour, a river tram is sent from the market square of Caugtortorie Helsinki (jacket opposite the presidential palace) or from Khakaniai. From the metro station Kulosaari We will have to walk a couple of kilometers.

Visit it in winter was not the best idea! With a strong wind and even a small minus, you are freezing through the minutes for 10-15 minutes, and the animal pleasure is pretty problematic, the more Some exposures in winter do not function in full power, and part is generally closed for repairs.

Finnish kingdom of animals

About 200 species of animals live in Corkaceasaari, which in a natural medium inhabit in a wide variety of climatic conditions, but preference is given to those who feel well in the mountainous Scandinavian landscapes. So, there are no elephants or giraffes that need extensive and even spaces. In the zoo there are pavilions of Africa and Amazonia with tropical monkeys and multicolored parrots. There is a valley of big cats, brown bears and seals. Huge pens in the zoo are aligned with hoofs. Bison and camels, wild horses and graceful lines walk almost at the free spacious. Mountain goats granted a pen with a 20-meter rolling rock, on which they fly in seconds. Unfortunately, I saw not everyone, t.To. After crawling, half of the island was forced to escape into the warm closet of the bus, Brr.

I want to express my appreciation to the Finns containing animals in such conditions, this, of course, is not the endless prairie and not the huge spaces of the mountains, but still not close camorks, in which the muscles of animals begin to atrophy, in the zoo are worried about the concern and love of people to their brothers smaller.

Finnish kingdom of animals

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