Finnish Emodi and other findings

Sauna, Nerpe, Moomin Trolli. And the feelings of fire, hopes and a harsh party. This is all Finland in Emodi. 56 characters entered the first national smiley. They were released to tell about the difficult emotions, words and customs of the residents of Suomi. By the way, you can download them in the App Store and Google Play: Whether in the search for Finland Emojis applications and enjoy.

If you think something to do and what to try in Finland, when we go there, learn our list of the most interesting and unusual local entertainment. Well, where without real Santa Claus – they are proud of the Finns too.

Comet in northern lights

Look at the sky waiting for a comet or polar shine? Today is a great day to see both of these phenomena. And you can do this without leaving home. A resident of the Canadian Province Manitoba managed to rent a comet Neowise against the background of the Northern Lights. The spectacle fascizes, is not true?

However, sometimes the love of space and experiences for the fate of the universe lead people … to court. So, for example, an astrologer from Russia tried to obtain material compensation from NASA. What she filed to the Agency to court and what came out of this, find out in our material.

Army stockings

"Uncle Sam needs your stockings". No, this is not an ad from Fetishist. So the American army appealed to the girls in the Second World War. The ladies asked for old stockings for the needs of the army, where the powder packs for artillery did.

War made weighty adjustments to the world of haberdashery. The most famous company – the manufacturer of stocking "Dupont de Nemur" retrained and began to produce army backpacks, awnings for trucks, rows and dome for parachutes. And what to do, when you stay without old, and without new stockings? Right, draw them on yourself! A special paint for legs came to the market, which imitated the color of the covered stocking, and released it that is notorious today brand Max Factor. Preparation of drawn stockings ended with the application of the arrow to the back surface of the tibia.

Finnish Emodi and other findings

By the way, the first stockings were worn by men, and the Europeans with the help of stockings were justified by the wearing trousers, which were not in favor until the end of the XVIII century. What to do – each era has its own trendy trends.

Unicorn gymnast

Nothing the earthly mythical unicorn is alien, including sports. Tightening and coup on the crossbar – easy! Rack on hands – easily! How did he succeed? Training and workout again. Alas, magic here is unlikely to help.

Mystic and witchcraft do not give rest? Then you are on the witch market in Mexico. There everything will be there to "cure" and body, and the soul. During travel, remember that it is not everywhere to magic treat well. In Saudi Arabia, even reading about witchcraft can be deadly.

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