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Tampere, according to public opinion poll, ranks first among other Finnish cities in the level of attractiveness for a comfortable stay of Finnish families with children. The second most important city after Helsinki, Tampere has long become a favorite holiday destination and for tourists who visit this southern Region of Finland. The city is located in Lake Niasiiyarvi and Pyhyanyarvi, between which a small river Tammerkoski flows, which divides the historic part of the Tampere into two parts, creating a special color to the city.

We will look at this city.

  • Look in the city
  • welcome!
  • People are born

In 1775, the Swedish king Gustavi III was founded by a trading settlement, which received the city status in 1779. In the nineteenth century Tampere turned into a major industrial center. Previously, Tampere was more known to textile and metallurgical production. However, at the end of the twentieth century, it will be learned about it more and more as the center of the telecommunications industry and information technologies.

Tampere’s city is very friendly to tourists. Tervetuloa! welcome!

Tampere is an ordinary city where people are born, attend kindergartens, then school.

  • Kindergarten
  • Student of the school
  • Finnish students

Then come to universities. Two universities in Tampere’s city are considered among old universities, both were founded in 1925, 15,000 students study in one technological – 12,000. If you take all universities of the city, it can be safely to say that Tampere is a student city!

And so on in the life of the citizens, young and old, trying to realize their values.

  • One car
  • Crowded city
  • Cleaning streets

The city is very modern, crowded and, naturally, the European. Many foreigners in the city.

And as one of the Finnish national features of cities – clean. Trade, of course. Very contrast, see everything.

Industrial, but everything is fine with ecology! With an interesting architecture.

  • Street trading
  • Street musicians
  • Finnish cities. Tampere
  • Industrial city

In some places, the city is similar to St. Petersburg.

Of course, with your wonderful city council. With your European Northern Charm! Attractive cathedrals.

By the way, exactly the same cathedral is located in the city of Mikkeli.

  • Interesting architecture
  • Similar to St. Petersburg
  • City Hall

Tampere – City of Smart People. This is part of the architectural design of the building of the city library on the plan of the achriticer, apparently, had to show the depth and ame of the mind of a simple Finnish citizen. Citizens are read from urban libraries of books on nearby farms, such a library on wheels. Once there were witnesses as the Finnish family, consisting of a father, mother and two children handed over to such a library a huge bag of books and took the same! The library in Finland as it was and is – the center of culture and information.

Think, this grandfather goes to take bottles? No, he goes to pass the read books, understanding the entire value and weight of voluntary cargo.

Children from childhood will be found in the theater. In Finland, there are a lot of summer theaters, and the presentations sometimes go straight in the meadow in the forest or at some interesting natural place, for example, among the huge rocks show the idea of ​​the distant time of their ancestors.

  • Northern Sharm
  • City Cathedral
  • City Library

And not only the theater love Finnish children. In Tampere, there is one of the largest and most interesting in Finland of the Moon Parkov – Syrkianniai.

With different fascinating rides.

And from recently, Angry Birds thematic park – the first-like Park in the world! About this Park See a separate photo report Angry Birds Land.

  • Library on wheels
  • Pensioner with books
  • Children’s Theater

Also in Syrkianniyia is the symbol of the city of Tampere – 168 metering observation tower Nyasinneul.

Upstairs Towers – a round room for review and a restaurant that is considered one of the best in the city.

  • Syarkyannia Moon Park
  • Fascinating attractions
  • Interesting entertainment

The disk rotates and makes a circle in 45 minutes, so you can just stand in one place and see the entire panorama of the city and the surrounding picturesque places.

Views from the Tower Unusual, no camera will give all the beauty of the opening panoramas.

  • Angry Birds Park
  • Lookout tower nyasinneulu
  • View from the tower

From the height is visible beautiful landscape of surrounding places surrounding the city.

Lakes, Islands – True Finland! By the way, in this region there are a lot of cottages that are leased. Cottages in Finland. Very much water!

  • Beautiful landscape
  • Pier for boats
  • Syarkyannia attractions

Live in Tampere and not have your boat? On the weekend Finns families go to lake walks.

Also from the tower are clearly visible by all Syrkianniy rides. In addition to the restaurant there is on the tower and cafe. Pey yourself Finnish coffee and contemplate!

  • Cafe on the tower
  • Figures on the bridge
  • Local crafts

And in Tampere many monuments. For example, on the bridge in the center of the city there are several figures that symbolize local crafts. Take a picture of the way.

Or on the background of the pipe. And so even more beautiful – from under the feet of one handicraft, sfotkat another.

Local monument of freedom. Against the background of the French market, sometimes it happens right in the center of Tampere.

By the way, in Tampere there are a lot of monuments, there is no report to cover all the monuments, although it would be something to say. But the best of what we saw is perhaps even in all Finland – this monument to the writer Minna Kant. The focus of her books are female broken fate, husband-tyrants, drunk husbands. But the writer was also known for the fact that it was for the absolute breasting abstinence of both men and women, and I fiercely aroused with the Swedish feminist Ellen Kay, who defended full restlessness in this matter.

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