Finnish christmas dishes. Kitchen Finland

All have long been accustomed to the fact that Europe is preparing for Christmas Long until the holiday. But no one, in my opinion, could not yet "recharge" Finns that begin to celebrate Christmas from the very beginning of the Christmas post! Called such marching christmas, or, finish, Pikkujouulu.

Small Christmas first appeared at the Finns in everyday life at the beginning of the last century and so firmly included in the custom that he was arranged by the heads for employees of the company, director of schools for students, even the leaders of political parties will organize Piccuoulov in each city habitat, where in the true Christian spirit are invited not only political supporters, but also opponents. On these gatherings, Christmas music sounds with might and main and serves a delicacy, which later in one or another will decorate the Christmas table.

For example, Capital porridge Caaliveli, quite suitable for our post. Her put on a Christmas table as a symbol of the future summer abundance.

100 g Perplovy
100 g of pea
3 carrots
Quartet of trousers
0.5 Kochana cabbage (this dish can be done from cauliflower)
1 l of water
1.5 liters of milk
2 teaspoons of salt
Creamy oil to taste.

Douse the croup and peas. Trouser, carrots cut into cubes. Boil the camp, cabbage and other vegetables on a weak heat to full softness, merge the remaining water (if it does not pop up all), add to the hot vegetables of milk and on an even weaker fire, stirring and rubbing vegetables, then salted, if you wish to pep or Add Other Spices (for example, Timyan).

For Finland Christmas Inseciously connected with the revival of light. After all, autumn and winter are dark and cold here, so the arrival of Christmas marks also the victory of the day over night. In the small town of Piemetarsaari since 1840 there is a special Christmas street (Storgatan), on which three giant jewelry traditionally posted: a cross, symbolizing faith, anchor – a symbol of hope and heart – a symbol of love. Previously, they were illuminated by wax candles, now – electric, giving sea light. All December Children are looking forward to Christmas. To brighten it expectation, for them is invented "Christmas calendar", Recently, twenty-four chocolates are hidden in a cardboard house with twenty-four windows in a cardboard house. Previously, instead of chocolates behind the windows, gingerbread or cookies were hiding.

Every evening before bedtime, one delicacy is eaten. Finally comes Christmas Eve – For Finns in it, even more holiday than in Christmas itself.

Exactly at noon in Turku, the ancient city Finland, Announced traditional "christmas truce" – Medieval custom who lived to this day. This ceremony is considered the official beginning of Christmas. In many families, at this moment they are sitting at the table and begin to try to try the treat, where there will certainly come in "Fish rooster" – Pie Kalakukko.

At sunset churches are filled with the people. Christmas service usually starts at 5 o’clock. After her – the most exciting moment: from Rovaniemi to the Turk on the houses begins to wander Joulupukki – Finnish Santa Claus, such a duplicate peasant. He lives in the east of Lapland, in Corustanturi (a Finnish radio broadcasting company set it there in 1927). Most of all, he is interested in obedience and hardworking children, but he has no less magical gifts than his feasures of Santa Claus and Santa Claus.

Julupukka is made to treat two ancient dishes: Shangoy and Brusher jam.

For Shangi Kefir 250 ml are quite suitable, crushed pearl 150 g, margarine 100 g, fatty pork 100 g.

Parl flakes need to be mixed with kefir and give this mass to stand in the refrigerator day. Melt margarine, remove the foam and cool. Pork cut into small cubes.

Mix a mass of barley, pork, fat in homogeneous dough, make one round cake with a thickness of 1.5 cm and bake in a heated oven at 225c in ceramic dishes, lubricated oil. When one side acquires a golden color, turn and add. It turns out very tasty and fragrant baking.

And so Jam from cloudberry So asks in the mouth!

1 kg of cloudberry rinse in a bowl, folded in the sieve, then under the jet of cold water, turning the sieve, rinse the whole berry and give water to drain. In sugar (1 kg) pour water, stir, put on fire, stirring while the syrup does not boil; After that, pour the berry and cook 30 minutes. Then we wipe the berry through the sieve, put in the pelvis and cook 10 minutes.

Rye bread with butter and so jam will seem tastier than any gingerbread, if there is it under a wide christmas tree, among christmas gifts.

Kalakukko (Fish Pie)

Rye flour 200g
Wheat flour 200g
Water 1 cup
Creamy butter 1.5 st. L.
Film Fish 800g
Salo Spike 200g
onion 1-2 pieces.
Cream 40ml
Egg (yolk) 1 pc.
Pepper ground black to taste

A glass of water is gradually poured into the flour, oil, salt, salted the dough, roll off, fold it in half and put half an hour to cold. Salo-rags cut into cubes and roasted together with a chopped onion. Then they pass through the meat grinder roasted onions and fish fillet. Minced stuffing with creams, salted and pepper. The dough is rolled off by a very thin rectangular plate, mince is put on one half, cover it with another half, cover the edges and lubricate them with a yolk.

Baked cake on low heat for 3 hours. From time to time, the pie should be lubricated by Sberry. Before serving, the finished pie is cut into pieces and watered with melted creamy oil

Finnish christmas dishes. Kitchen Finland

Herring in sour-sweet marinade

Herring 300g
vinegar 200 ml.
Powder sugar 2.5 st. L.
onion 2 pcs.
Hole 20g
Ginger to taste
Grains mustard, bay leaf, salt – to taste

Herring are soaked, remove the skin and separated fillets. Cooking marinade from vinegar, sugar, horseradish, ginger, sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonion rings, mustard and laurel grains. Herring cut into pieces of 2-3 cm thick and maintain in the received marinade 2 days.

Seag marinated with cream fruche and dill under beet sauce

Sig – 4 servings of 150 gr.
Rye flour and light breadcrumbs

For marinada:
Cream-FRACH 2 dl.
Dry mustard 1 hour.L.
egg (yolk) 3 pcs.
Cream 1 dl.
Dill, Muscat, Pepper and Salt

Pretty mix marinade. Add well-chopped dill, pinch of nutmeg and ground pepper. Put in the marinade of the seaga fillet and put marinated for a couple of hours.Ready portions of Siga from marinade Sweet, and make a pretty cut in breadcrumbs and flour to get a uniform crust. Fry in oil until ready.

Beet sauce. several small beets; 1 bulb; 1 dl. cream; 1 for sour cream; 1-2 DL. meat broth; Shiny Muscat and Couple Drops of Wine Vinegar (Red Wine).

Sound peeled beets and onions on cubes measuring about 1 cm3. Pry a couple of minutes with a drop of fat on medium heat, add sour cream, cream and vinegar. Take a good one about 40 minutes, stirring from time to time.

Split in mashed potatoes and post back in the pan. If the mixture is excessively thick, dilute with meat broth, cream or sour cream. Check out the taste.

Finnish christmas dishes. Kitchen Finland

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