Finnish art of resistance

The concept of SISU in Finnish has emerged at least five centuries ago. In the literal sense of SISU means insides (Sisus or Sisälmykset) of our bodies. It is believed that it reflects the ancient idea of ​​the stomach as a focus of strength (remember the expression "intestinal intestine", denoting weakness) and the place where our determination is born.

In the Finnish Sisu itself, it means a whole group of character traits, such as: determination, endurance, courage, courage, willpower, perseverance and vitality

The exact meaning of SISU is difficult to determine. In other languages, there is hardly an accurate parallel for him, and in the Finnish Sisu, it means a whole group of character traits, such as: determination, endurance, courage, courage, wills, perseverance and resilience. SISU enters the game when you take over the overcoming difficulties that would seem to surpass your abilities. They are treated when the virtues of the fate and obstacles are forced to surrender and only courage allows you to not retreat.

For the Finns, the reputation of people with stone faces and tightly compressed lips. Finns keep their emotions deep inside (although it gradually changes). Considering such a feature, one of the most important features of SISU is the lack of need to talk about him. There is no place in Sisu’s church and praising their own coup. It makes no sense to say that you have SISU, if you can’t demonstrate it. Let your actions say for you ..

Excellent communication skills or ability to convolce goods are valued. Our perception of difficulties is fully connected with our reference system and former experience. What is hard for me may be a pair of trifles for you – and vice versa.

To get a job, you probably have to go on interviews. For some interviews – it is frighteningly close attention to their person plus an understanding that you can spoil everything due to anxiety. Or you can’t tolerate public speeches, but you require important presentations at work – just what you are afraid of the whole soul. Or maybe you need to spend a difficult phone conversation or pretend to be lucky before colleagues, although your personal life flies to Tartarara. Whatever difficulties, there are steps that can be taken to reduce anxiety and connect to your SISU.

1. Prepare

"It’s good to prepare – it means half to do business" – a popular Finnish expression. If you need to do something that makes you nervous, try to prepare as much as possible … And then a little more better. If the nerves begin to pass, you, at least, do not have to worry because you do not know your subject.

2. Take care of yourself

In difficult situations, we often forget about ourselves or at least put our needs for the last place. Revise this approach – and find a positive wave effect spreading in all directions. Purchase, breathe fresh air, feel good and do not pray for yourself – you improve your condition, and efficiency.

Finnish art of resistance

3. Centralize

The most important part of the ability to connect to SISU, the reserve of its inner strength, which you may have not guessed, is the ability to drown out all the surface noise. Clean your mind through meditation, prayers, deep breath exercises or just spending some time in communication with nature. You will be surprised by noting how clear and calmly your thinking.

SISU Easy to imagine as a single struggle. But think so would be a mistake. Let SISU – the quality of the individual, but we inspire him in each other. What is true in the rest, then it is true for SISU: together we are stronger than one one. The expression "man is not an island in the ocean" trite, but absolutely true. One who is not able to turn to others for help, it remains only to regret.

The former ideal of harsh Finn, armed with only his silence and knife Pukko (small Finnish belt knife), gradually dies.

In Finland, sometimes they bring the meaning of SISU to the fact that you, they say, should cope alone – especially if you are a man. But the former ideal of harsh Finn, armed with only his silence and knife Pukko (small Finnish belt knife), gradually dies. Up to World War II, the Finnish economy was predominantly rural; Our industrial state was built by almost superhuman collective efforts after the war. And the success of us brought our ability to work together for the sake of the common good.

SISU manifests itself in full force in crisis moments. And especially the family. Whatever the problem, the decision to think as a team and combine efforts can drastically change the situation. In difficult times, we need to be able to rely on each other and continue to provide each other such support. The likelihood is that in those days when you end all the stock of SISU, someone from loved ones will be able to replenish it. A frank conversation with another person will not only raise you, but also strengthens your contact with it. And it will open opportunities for response in the future. This is how a positive mutual support cycle is created.

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