Finland – Unique and Magic

There are entertainment for every taste. Very often it is in Finland various reviews, contests and festivals. They are represented by theater, music, singing, dancing, sports, folk fun, etc.

In addition to international spectacles, every town or village of Finland has its own day when a special holiday is celebrated. Then the competition hunters, fishermen, farmers, traders, artisans and t.D. Therefore, in Finland, tourists can be entertained at any time.

  • Attractions Finland

A huge number of attractions offers travelers Country Country – Helsinki City. An unforgettable impression leaves the Senate Square with a magnificent cathedral and a monument to Alexander II. Around the perimeter it is surrounded by strict buildings built in ampir style. And in one of them there is a university.

Getting to Senate Square is very easy, since almost any type of transport goes to this place. Easy to walk here and walk.

Be sure to go through the unique marine embankment, inspect the Assumption Cathedral, an extraordinary railway station, to visit an amazing aquarium, market square, admire the monument to Sibelius and in-depth in a solid piece of the church in the Church area in the Tempeliaukio Square.

  • Finnish cities

Those who came to Finland will certainly need to see such cities like: Turku, Savonlinna, Lahti, Lapeenranta, Rauma, Kotka, porvatar, Christopean and PR.

Finland - Unique and Magic

Food and accommodation in Finland

In this country, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Traveler is offered not only cultural holidays, but also entertainment, excellent food and comfortable accommodation.

For those who came with the children, a visit to the nature reserves, riding dogs or deer, as well as fun in water parks. For sports lovers there are numerous sports facilities. For older people like nature walks and visits to SAMOV settlements.

  • Finnish cuisine

Tired of sightseeing, you can have a snack in restaurants, network eateries or cafes. Finnish cuisine is not only distinguished by exquisite taste, but also very close in composition of products to our.

Therefore, the stomach disorder is excluded here. Tourists will be offered a fish prepared in all possible options, incredibly tasty and oily searer in various fills and with all sorts of seasonings, pies with berry fillings, potatoes, vegetable casseroles, soups, salads, cheese, yogurt, kvass, etc.

Those who wish to buy something for memory in Finland, you can safely advise you to acquire any thing – it will be excellent quality.

  • Hotels in Finland

Hotels in this country are distinguished by special quality of service. They are not divided, as Europe, by the number of stars, and have their own quality parameters. Therefore, you should not fear that you have to go to a small and inexpensive hotel. It will also have a great bathroom, and a wonderful room with all the amenities, and great food.

Service in Finnish hotels is distinguished by special conscientiousness. It is always clean here, everything you need is located on the ground, and Bed underwear sparkles on white.

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