Attractions Finland: Personal Experience

Even unusually warm and foggy February 450 kilometers north of Helsinki, in Central Finland, some miracle maintains a snowy winter kingdom. While the winds are blowing in the metropolitan region and rain dripping – soft snow falls softly, biting wooded hills and cottages.

Snow guns are turned off on the ski slopes. All tracks and lifts are open and function.

Mouse – a little-known monument in Helsinki

In Helsinki, very close to the Senate Square there is one little-known monument. Size a little more than the real mouse.

The mouse is located on the territory of the complex of buildings of the National Archive of Finland, and apparently personifies his employees. Pencil – probably not all workers agree with such comparison.

Zorkko watches all who rises the stairs.

Aquarium and terrarium in Helsinki

Having rolled up Polgorod for his first day, I decided to finish it by visiting local "Aquarium" and "Terrarium". By the way, it should be noted that the local aquarium "Silaf" Pretty popular and find it relatively simple, but with "Terrarium" Everything was more difficult, on the map it is just a small point that does not bind anything interesting. In practice, it turned out the opposite!

Located "Aquarium" At Tivolitie 10, – on the territory of the Moon Park "Linnanmäki" And open year-round. Who is interested, they have both the official website: http: // www.Visitsealife.COM / HELSINKI /. Tickets are pretty biting, I did in the EURO district of 10-12, and I must say, I was sincerely sorry, t.To. The exposure itself did not impress anything at all. Pretty dull, monotonous and boring. I do not advise you to go there, especially if there were some other places like a kind, Wow’s effect here will not be exactly!

Water Park Serena (Finland): Excellent water quality

Finnish Aviation Museum / Helsinki

A few hundred meters from the Terminal of Helsinki Airport Vantaa is a curious Museum of Finnish Aviation. From the city from the station to get to here by bus 615. The museum works daily from 10 am, the entrance ticket is worth 8 euros.

Museum in Helsinki Interactive. Here, for example, everyone may feel like a pilot of a fighter, and sitting in the present pilot armchair. I assure it – to plant a fighter from the first time oh, how not easy.

Impressions of the resort hand

Winter in Rovaniemi

When they were preparing for the trip, could not find the information that was so interested in this Finnish town. That is why on arrival decided to alleviate the fate of those who will go there. Rovaniemi town – the capital of Finnish Lapland. He is less than you imagine it. In fact, this is one main street, one McDonalds, 3-4 shopping centers, several cafes, a pair of souvenir shops and several bureaus on the organization of safaris, which will definitely tell below. You definitely never get lost there.

About everything in order where it is necessary and where it is not necessary to ride in Rovaniemi:

1. There is a rink in the city, very good, very slippery ice. Rental of skates costs about 10 euros.

2. There is a small city pool.

3. All saunas (and in the pool, and in the hotel) separate, that is, a joint caring, as ours are accustomed, impossible.

FINLAND SIGHTS Personal Experience

4. There is a village of Santa Claus. Made everything is simple enough, but in some places it is interesting. Santa himself sits in this village and films for 18 euros. Interestingly and children, and adults to talk to him and send home later postcards with prints of Mail Santa Claus.

5. There is a park santa claus. Located next to the village. Entrance to the cave costs 25 euros. Very primitively, everything is done inside, not at all interested in nor children or adults. It is not clear why the money is taken in principle?

6. The most interesting thing is that deserves descriptions – this is a safari. Prices for all companies are the same, so it’s not fundamentally – someone to order. Be sure to visit the deer farm and the Husky Farm. There you will go on snowmobiles on the insanely beautiful forests of Lapland. Feeling that they got into a fairy tale. Ride on sled dogs and feed puppies husky, feed the deer in any way everyone likes.

7. Zoo, which is about 80 km from the city, also deserves visits.

We did not use the proposed our group tour guides and did it all ourselves. I have all the contacts on a safari companies have explanations like himself get to the zoo and other attractions. It was very convenient that the hotel and were fed breakfast and dinner. With breakfast take the nature of sandwiches, hot tea and other food, is very much the way. If you have questions, write to: [email&# 160; protected] I will try to help.

Serena Ski Center in Helsinki

Perhaps few people know that next to the Helsinki water park Serena is eponymous ski center. Very nice place!

Rental and ski passes – for quite tolerable money. Escape from Helsinki to a half-day ride – just perfect!

We were in March – the people did not have much. A full range of lifting + descent took only 5-6 minutes, so three hours knurled enough!

The slopes are not very many, but for all tastes – and unpretentious, with jumps and steep.

In general, I recommend! We are in a hurry that day on the train home, so the time was only enough for skiing. But if not pressed for time, then be sure to have warmed in akaparke. It seems there is even there is some special ticket.

FINLAND SIGHTS Personal Experience

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