Finland: rest in Suomussalmi

V Municipality Suomussalmi There are many tourist routes and natural trail. The most famous natural objects can be found in the northern part of Hoss. Hoss Trail Network is located in the best fishing and hunting areas.

The municipality of Suomussalmi was founded on October 12, 1867. The first residents began to live here from 8,000 to 7700 g. to N. NS. immediately after the last glacial period. Hotel Wang Kirkkosaari (Vanha Kirkkosaari) Located in the southern part of Lake Kiantäärvi and is one of the oldest residences in Finland. Total in the municipality More than 300 prehistoric residential buildings were found. During the excavation, many unique items were found, such as Cookcosaari copper blade, which is about 4,000 years old, and being the oldest metal tool in Finland.

The most important and significant monument of antiquity of Cinauu is Stone-century rock paintings Virikalio in Hoss National Park. They were drawn about 2500 and 1500 g. to N. NS. On the stones you can see the 61 pattern, and some of them, painted in red, have the most distinctive three-dimensional human figures and images of elk. These rock paintings are at a distance of about ten meters from each other, and you can see them from the platform to view the close-up.

The story of Suomussalmi dates back to the days when his location became the border between East and West. The eastern border of Suomussalmi was founded in 1595 and, thus, is the oldest state border in Europe. Local residents had close relations with Vienna residents up to the independence of Finland. During the Vienna War, soldiers and civilians fled to Finland.

Subsequently built a lot of houses and land in Raatte. The current building, which was built in 1923 as the Ratte Museum, served as a customs point. Guard Museum (Ratte Safety Museum), Located in the eastern part of Rate Road Street, was restored in 1939. This museum talks about the life of border guards to World War II. The museum was opened in the summer of 1988. Entrance to it is free.

Finland rest in Suomussalmi

There is something that can be done and see Raate for the whole family. In addition to the study of history in the Raatte area there is an exciting program of services, unique tours and the opportunity to watch wildlife. Here you can relax comfortably in cozy houses.

Exhibition "Winter War" in the port of Rattain Talks about the events of this war in the famous areas of Ratttent and Suomussalmi. The Winter War Museum in Ratten Porta was completely renovated in 2014 and currently has more than 300 square meters of museum space. The exhibition "Winter War" tells about the Suomussali before the start of the winter war, on the evacuation of the population, the influence of the cold for the course of the war, the fate of the Red Army, about the war on the road in Ratt and about living conditions after the war. A film that is part of the exhibition is also an exhibit. The script for the documentary film was written by Lehtosaari Pecken. The exhibition presents military heavy weapons, including the our tanker who participated in the battles on the road in Ratte. The exhibition also presents miniature models and driving part of the city after the end of the winter war.

Suomussalmi is the most northern municipality of Cinau, 110 km north of Kayani. Approximately 200 km to Oulu and 130 km to Kuusamo. Neighboring municipalities are Thailakoski, Puolaanka Hurunsalmi and the city of Kuusamo, Pudasyarvi and kitchen. In the east there is a state border with Russia.

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