Finland: Repovy National Park

Repoveshi National Park was created in 2003, about 100 thousand tourists visit him annually.

Previously, the land belonged to a large Finnish concern who donated her city. Most of the territory of the park – the protected, untouched forest. However, in some areas there was no time for a logging for the pulp and paper industry, at the expense of which the town of Kouvola lived: the KUUTINLAHTI channel built in 1912 was preserved, on which the logs were melted.

Park area is small – just over 15 square kilometers. However, several interesting routes are laid through it, the total length of which is 40 kilometers. The routes are marked with circles on trees, each trail – your color.

Rules for rest in the repoves

Entrance to the park is free, the only condition is to remove the garbage on yourself and independently. It is impossible to dry firefire in the park, however, special parking for tourists have been created in different parts of the repoves: there is a focus with a mangal, benches, benches, and a large stock of firewood. All these guests can enjoy free. True, the rules of good tone are prescribed not to linger on one parking lot more than two days, so as not to interfere with this place to other tourists.

Put a tent of nature lovers can anywhere in the park. There are many mushrooms and berries in the top of the repoversion, they are not allowed to collect them. In the lakes you can catch fish: for free on a simple fishing rod without a coil or with a paid resolution of all other ways.

Attractions Repoveesi

Finland National Park Repovy

One of the main attractions is the 50-meter cliff Olhavanvuori: from its tops a stunning view of the black water of the lake and the endless forest sea. This place is very popular with climbing lovers: they come here not only from Finland, but also from other countries. At the foot of the mountain, one of the parking lots is located, so here you can put a tent and live in a comfortable environment.

Another landmark Park – Lapinsalmi suspension bridge (Lapinsalmi). The length of the suspended crossing is 50 meters, and the weight of the structure is 5 tons. The bridge is located at an altitude of 10 meters above the water: they tell the legend about the our tourist, who dived from the bridge and the lucky accident remained alive. However, it is not recommended to repeat this focus to anyone: most likely, the brave breaks about the rock.

The park employs rental boats and kayaks: they can be booked and pay via the Internet. Also on the Park is a variety of cottages from simple huts without amenities to spacious houses with sauna. Book now Cottages in repoves can be on the official site of the park.

The path leading to the cliff Olhava
Free tourist parking
Cottage in repoves overlooking the lake
Grooved Firewood Park
View from the 50-meter cliff Olhava
In the lakes of the repoversion often arrange capeats
Green Sea Repovsey
Flora Repovy is very picturesque
Not every tourist dares to go through the suspension bridge
Suspended crossing
The lake system of the repovesy is very interesting

Finland National Park Repovy

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