Finland Kitchen: Personal Experience

So, I still found out that there is some amazing in Turku "Black sausage", not so much that you are in the city read what was not. She even got into guide. In chapter "True and fiction about Turku" So it is written, they say, rumor that in order to become a real turntable, it takes 50 years – full lies! "Not enough whole human life, you will need several generations and kilometers of black sausage". And of course, barely coming to the food supermarket, I climbed to look for this sausage. Not found. Went to the meat department, stuck there to the saleswoman with his "Black Sisezh". For some reason, she was terribly excited, threw her department, and ran with me to reborn sausages. Black sausage was not there. It was a pity to look at the girl – she broke something like "Usually it happens, just for some reason now, I don’t know even why. ". I, as I could, calmed down a beauty, climbed a little more, and when I was already in line with the cashier, suddenly heard a jage: "Found. ". For sure – the saleswoman fled to me, squeezing sausage packaging as the greatest treasure. Shining from happiness, she handed it to me, and, lowered his voice, confidently said: "But if at all honestly, the black sausage was invented not in Turku, but in Tampere". After that, winning, ran out for her counter.

Finland kitchen Personal experience

Sausage we ate the same evening (hotel politics "Karibia" – There is no refrigerator in the room. Even the size of the automotive glove box. Eat in a restaurant). Delicious turned out to be a blundering.

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