Finland: Travel to Childhood Country

My nephew Misha "Brought" From the scale a fantastic story about the wanders of some kind of boy who visited his parents abroad, the name of the country in the children’s heads was not postponed, but it did not bother all over 3 "A" to solve the kingdom-state with the city of Moomin Trolli, playing dolphins and the tower, from where the whole world is visible. However, the most amazing were stories about "Park with lilac", Every day, fought all new and new details. Initially, Bear said that in the park there is a pond, a black hole was added to the pond, and finally we learned about the mermaids, which for some reason it is necessary to trample.

– Mishunya, so where was this boy?

– Where where. Well I explained – abroad!

The stories of nine-year-old bears would have remained an empty chatter for us, the fiction of the younger child, if not my business trip to Finland. I am preparing for a trip, I consider the guide and in dry rows of advertising prospectuses suddenly I find the echoes of the Misheutkina Baek. There was no time for long oscillations, and, although tormented by doubts, I still decide: I take Misha with myself, in the country invented by him.

First day: kingdom skiers

From Peter left early – at 6:40 am. On the street of the November Frost; in the cabin bus "Neoplast" homely cozy: smoothly swings, and soft heat conditioners envelops the body. Through the morning twilight, the Bear tried to consider something on the road, but soon the child smored – she slept until Vyborg. Crossed the border.

And the dinner was already in Lahti.

– Something at home they do not real, the nephew has expressed the first impression – as if drawn. Maybe they circled them in line?

But when they are located in the hotel, the guy made sure that the Finns at home "oh what else real", where everything is provided to live and relax without problems.

Lahti – a miniature town, but built and well-groomed in the exquisite manner of the Scandinavian capital. Capitals of big sports. The world championships are held here. Two springboard – the largest in Europe – all year round. Even in the summer, artificial ice gives a wide opportunity athletes to prepare for competitions. And in winter. Looking at the city museum of skis, we decided that from December to April, the Lahtins move only "Ski order".

Located in the Museum of Radio, in the Television Museum and just wandered around the city, listening to incomprehensible speech, considering foreign signs, warmed in small cafes, the benefit that the word "coffee" equally sounds in all languages.

Unnoticed with ramnel. And we both felt fatigue too many impressions fell on us in one day. Abundant and delicious dinner Bear sucking finally. But before you fall into bed, he is already half a hand, crushed to the window:

– Look! – In the black night, the highlighted rumitated superpower. – It’s yes-aa! Be sure to tell you that I saw the Eiffel Tower.

Day Two: Escape to the Bethlehem Star

Tampere’s city spread over two lakes. And from the south side behind the hill, another lake Pyutunki hid. Dammed houses of houses, parks, port with tiny ships and on the horizon itself Nokia’s town, well distinguishable from a 168-meter height. No, no, we did not fly by helicopter. The silent elevator rapidly asked us to the highest overview tower in Finland and, breakfast in a restaurant under a sharp spire, we slowly rotated together with the restaurant tower. It is said that with a strong wind, the tower swings, deviating to the side of 15 centimeters. For an hour, making a full turn around the axis and enjoying the views of the city, we chose the following place "pilgrimage"-Dolphinarium. True, this almost ended in our and so prolonged agreement: I dragged a bear to the attraction "Castle with ghosts", But the harmful boy not only resisted, but also Yazvil, hinting that in my age it is stupid to get involved in horror stories. Our dispute broke out not in an empty place: the choice of entertainment in the Sarkanniemi leisure center is so huge that it will be head and balanced person.

– As you wish! Go to Dolphins! But do not hope that you will be allowed to stroke. – I am acceptable.

. Dolphinarium is almost the same circus. Same amphitheater, only instead of the arena – 9-meter depth swimming pool. Clowns, jonglers, acrobats here are the dolphins, and this work seems to be joy. They are having fun beaten by tails on water and with sincere pleasure demonstrate acrobatic tricks. Dolphins do not even always need to teach, they come up with the numbers themselves. In the ideas of experienced "Artists" Faith, Delphi and Niki feel honed technician, Circus experience, and born in Sarkanniemi Dolphins-Beloboby LEVI and Elerti, although weighing already under 200 kilograms, but still perfect children and, of course, Shalyat. Neither feed, nor touch the smiling sea giants to visitors, naturally, is unpassed.

Yes, and making sure the impressive dimensions of Dolphins, Mishuna on my echidinal replica: "Go, stick them!" – timidly replied: "Yes, something I do not want. " With some inhabitants of the aquarium is also unsafe communication closely. For example, with tropical fish called "Stone". It would seem that there is a fixed cobblestone on the seabed – nothing special, only in the fins of the fish – a deadly poison that kills a person in 1 second. But here, behind fat armored glasses, "Evolutionary" Not dangerous. Collection of fish and aquatic animals in Sarkanniemi started collecting thirty years ago. And now in the aquarium more than two thousand all kinds of species live: from Lup-porous perch up sharks and pasty "Starichkov"-seal. Lizards, turtles, dinosaur-iguan live in a terrariage. Who only not! It is not by chance that an aquarium takes as many as two floors – a nice cottage for "Water"! Here you can walk and half a day. And I would go if there was no state of emergency: the Mishka disappeared without a trace.

I know Finland – a calm country. Maybe the best place to raise children. Many our families have already been convinced that it is possible to let a child for rest or studying in Finland. There were cases when from green suburbs where schools often are for foreign children, adolescents on the highway went to the city – stroll without adults. But the driver of the first meeting was picked up "Self-propelled" and brought them back. It is customary to carefully carefully take care of their children and children of others, about Finnish and foreign. I know all this. But when the bear disappeared, I was not upset for a joke.

Finland Journey to Childhood Country

Even at the entrance to Sarkanniemi, we looked around with him, seeing that all minor visitors diligently measured on "ROSTERTER". I measured and tinted and put a stamp on hand. It turned out that there is nothing funny in this: attractions there are restrictions related to the safety of children, and more important is not the age, but growth. Immediately the nephew got a sticker in which his data was inscribed – in case the child suddenly get lost on the territory of the center. And this "all of a sudden", Of course, happened.

Bear found literally ten minutes after I turned to Sarkanniemi employees. Chado spinning at the entrance to the planetarium and met a clear look of naive eyes: "Where are you disappeared? I already worried. Let’s go, now the session will begin "Star Bethlehem", find out how she looked and where did it come from".

Finally, the fugitive was repeated only in the city of Moomin Trolli, where all 12 books of Tuva Yanon are illustrated by scenes from the life of the Mumi family. And leaving the guests, the memory of the fairy-tale family was bought by key chains, badges, so that the Mishuni school could prove: he really was here.

Having granted a good troll in Kharchevna, we took a course on Nokia Tamper. Here is the famous Eden Water Park, popular among the defers of the whole world. However, adults are also not averse to ride on water slides or feel like a climbing climbing, climbing the sheer wall, – if you rush, not scary, bottom is water. Once half an hour a signal is distributed – all rides are disconnected, attention! – Sea wave goes. While children with a screech and laughter swing on the crest of the wave, there are fun fun for parents. These are saunas – to choose from: Finnish, Turkish, Roman. Saunas – Medical and Improvement. Couples containing infusions of 40 types of herbs, including eucalyptus, assure that it is healing about the respiratory tract. There is a restaurant outdoor terrace overlooking the pool. Conveniently: pull fragrant beer and watch how the son or daughter. We and I have been accepted differently – without leaving the pool ordered the most appetizing in the Eden dish, golden french fries with juicy twisted sausages.

Day Three: Children’s Dream City

Mythical "Park with lilac" Mishkin of the stories turned out to be really existing water park SERENA powerful indoor water park in northern Europe. SERENA – the pride of Finland and its capital city of Helsinki. Only the area of ​​the heated swimming pool occupies about 2000 square meters swimming pool with terrace, jacuzzi, many of the most ingenious water slides. Remembering yesterday’s sad experience, I closely followed the Bear, as it were, again, was not lost. However, making sure that he wins "wild Feed" and generally the pool has no plans to jump anywhere, quietly climbed into the cave sauna, carved in the rock. But the indefatigable Milan Mišůn pulled me out of the cave: "There "Black hole", let failures together. " "blak Hole", or "Black hole" – NEW indoor water park, grooved seamless descent. This is entertainment for people with strong nerves: rushing at breakneck speed in total darkness, and you squealing and screaming attack glowing monster called in the brochures "Light and Sound Effects". The effects were spectacular: dumbfounded we splashed into the water and came to "Berezhok", to at least a little to recover. Near entertained a large company, it seems, some company spent the weekend here. Young children announced "rusal- Coy" solid uncle and laughing thrown off into the water. "And adults, is called!" – commented Mike and climbed into "green tube". Vertical structure from the dome, descending into the pool – this is "green tube", at which rushing to the vehicle speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

– Misha, come out! We still look like a city. – the boy down the corners of the lips.

– Can I have some more? Well, at least half an hour.

Then came another and another half an hour. He has already threatened that, like herring, pulled Bear from the network pool. Leave SERENA, frankly, and I did not want – to get acquainted with a lady, also from St. Petersburg, and we are together in the cave restaurant waterpark "Granin" gladly sipped "refreshing".

Tours of the city has not turned. It’s time to return home. In this savvy played Milan Mišůn: "Not the entire program was done on me. For thee the favor. In the vacation you take me back to Helsinki". Oh, these ungrateful children! Already dictate where to meet the new year. And however, originally – to start a new millennium with "Green pipe" or "Stars Bethlehem".

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