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To begin with, I will get and paint: Perhaps I first discovered the country in which theoretically I would like to live. How many ordinary life. Finland – she is very calm. Whole. Very … in-depth inside and self-sufficient. Such here … Lonely cottage in the middle of rocks, forests and bays. House in which they live.
At least such a first impression.

Well, if the most first were mushrooms. And lingonberry. A completely luxurious boosts growing in ten steps – the number is not exaggerating – from Turku Airport. And air. It is very clean, smells like a forest – and the sea, the closer to the coast – the feeling. Marine Baltic Air and Stones. And trees growing on stones. And mushrooms in moss between trees. Civilization somehow manages all this not to interfere. Well, not very disturbing. Such … implicit civilization. That is best illustrated by the picture, sorry, physiological;) When you go on the inscription "Toilet", and, finding something very similar to the village "Buncher" there, suppose there is a corresponding content)) – but you find a place with all the laid, including the tile and shower cabin)

The place of detection of this "Artifact" – a park with fun for the our name Herankukkaro, where there are no such things;) This is such an "authentic" Finnish village, reconstructed for a pleasant and environmentally friendly holiday. Bay, fishing, authentic sauna in black, "hidden" attached in the rock … (and then in the Baltic – Bulls;) I really did not risk)

Perhaps it is according to its suspiciousness of Finland who is not surprisingly "architectural", despite many landmarks. In the city of Turku there are different, considering your age so from XII-XIII and modern, but even the romance of the cathedral of the cathedral is somehow … Organic. Here you need a bend of the river, here – covered by his castle. Here the cathedral. On Saturday, the bazaar under him, thought – a charity, but did not specify. Bake pancakes. Sell ​​any different. Including potatoes) in the heart of the city. And market square surrounded by modern shopping centers, there really is a market. In the castle, of course, the museum, the cathedral as a whole is valid, but tourists are allowed free and painlessly … at the entrance, upstairs, next to the organ – model *******.

This is another topic of the city and surroundings – ships. Sea "left" from the coast of the Turku (it used to fit almost to the castle towers), and it’s inconvenient to him – the port … But on the shore and small boats, passing under the bridges, and considerable yachts, where the bridges are no longer – The inhabitants and their bicycles from the shore carry a small orange ferry Föri – free of charge) at the very finals of the Poted Coast – the Maritime Museum, with the most diverse ********* outside – admire which for free, attend for money, and only in summer…

And the wind blows from the sea ..

The city center is small, goes over in an hour and a half, oooooochine a slow step. Apparently therefore a preferred means of transport from locals – bike. Cycling and cycles throughout the city. Yes, this comfortable strip of asphalt in the middle of a pavement – they are, if you think about it and go on it – you are politely asked by a bicycle call.

Finland is good and bad) - Turku, Finland Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Turku on the turmon

… on the banks of the river Aura good walk at any time of the day, including a deep night. At night, froze on the joke ships-restaurants talk about something with "parked" on the berth on the other shore boats, low fly airplanes and shine stars. And the wind blows from the sea ..
And there … good.

Well, what is bad – I am briefly;)
Finnish passport control, alas, fully corresponds to a joke about the "hot Finnish guys".
In addition to passport control, the queue is found in the cafe in the early morning – when some of them are obviously beloved by the people, open. And at night, especially on Saturday and Friday weekend, apparently the same people are precipitated nightclubs.

Shops work, usually up to 6, rare up to 9, on Sunday, the enno amount does not work. Including a local indoor market and it is annoying;)

Yes, and enough hard alcohol laws … as a rule, to fulfill the legitimate desire to drink beer in the wrong time you will have to do sooo fork on the purchase;).

Finland is good and bad) - Turku, Finland Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Turku on the turmon

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