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«Window» In the very northern country of Europe, there is a visa in the presence of a visa. Her in Russia is issued by the Embassy of Finland in Moscow, the Consulate General in St. Petersburg, as well as the consulates of Murmansk and Petrozavodsk.

Since September 2015, all applicants submitting documents to the Finnish Embassy must be fill in a special questionnaire. From now on it can be filled as in traditional form — on paper and on the website of the visa center. According to experts, it will greatly facilitate and speed up the process of consideration of applications.

It is important that after the end of the travel, the passport must act at least three months, as well as have at least two empty pages.

The amount of duty for issuing a visa to adult citizens of the our Federation and children from 6 to 11 years €35, up to 5 years inclusive — is free. For urgent application processing will have to give €70.

Read more about the requirements on the official website of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How to get?

By plane, train, water or sea transport, bus, personal car, bicycle and even on foot — You can get from Russia to Finland by all possible ways.

One of the most economical: bus ride. Daily from St. Petersburg in Helsinki more than a dozen flights are departed: from the bus station (Embankment of the Bypass Canal, 36), from hotels «Moscow» and «Pulkovskaya» — in Lappeenranta, Jyvaskyul. Depending on the route and carrier company, the cost of the trip will be from 800 to 2000 rubles.

You can fly in Suomi in almost an hour from St. Petersburg — Twice a day, this feature is provided by Finnair. She daily carries out flights from Moscow to Helsinki (travel time — about two hours). Cherepovets in the capital of Finland also fly aircraft airlines «Severstal».

You can give preference and more romantic alternative. Five trains run in Helsinki daily: «Lev Tolstoy» from Moscow (delivered to the destination for 14 hours) and four high-speed composition «Allegro» from St. Petersburg (Nos. 781, 783, 785, 787; travel time — three and a half hours).

For lovers of marine elements Three times a week from the northern capital in Helsinki departed by steam Princess Maria. And her «sister», Princess Anastasia, follows the route Saint Petersburg — Helsinki — Stockholm — Tallinn.

customs control

Cash from €10,000 need to declare. In the baggage passengers older than 18 years old are allowed to carry duty free of 4 l of non-chamber (red, white, pink) wine and up to 16 liters of beer. From tobacco products: 200 cigarettes / 100 Sigarill / 50 cigars / 250 g of tubular and cigarette tobacco.

If you are traveling with four-legged pets, you should take care of the identification mark in advance (special microchip). In addition, the vaccination of an animal from rabies, prevention against ribbon worms and the presence of testimony from the vet (in Finnish, Swedish or English).


Finland Information about the country

The main type of ingorodsky transport of Finland — buses. They serve as a link between almost all settlements of the country. Actively developed bus service and with neighbors states: Russia, Sweden, Norway. On average, the cost of one trip — about €1,2. A ticket with a change will cost approximately €1.5. Children under 7 years old enjoy public transport Finland for free. Half the price from an adult ticket is fare from a child from 7 to 16 years.

A water type of transport is particularly popular in Suom. Yacht, boat or modern boat — At the disposal of the travelers of the vessel of different «Caliber». Thanks to them, you can get almost anywhere in the country and neighboring countries. So, in the summer there is a regular passenger message between cities Varkaus, Mikkeli, Savonlinna, Lappeenranta and others. In recent years, the message between Lappeenranta is also developing with the our Vyborg for the Saymen Channel. Do not forget that the majority of such cruises are ordered in advance.

But in the subway you can go down almost at any time (from 05:25 and until 23:20). True, the subway is only in Helsinki. On the map of the local metro — Only one line that connects the historic (Western) part of the city with Eastern Modern.

The cost of a passage with a clock period of action is €2.2 for adults and €1.1 for children. Payment of travel in two hours applies to all types of public transport. Price of this ticket for adults — €3.7, for children — €1,8. There are also more long-term options: from a day ticket (adult — €7, childish — €3.5) to two-, three weeks, the cost of which does not exceed €80.

As a means of movement in Finland, lovers of a healthy lifestyle are often taken for rent bicycles. At a two-wheeled friend, you can easily go around all Helsinki with its surroundings, visit the nearest settlements and islands, related to bridges. This is a convenient, economical enough and, importantly, an eco-friendly dating method with the country. Daily bike rental costs €7–ten. But in the summer in Helsinki, the service of free public bikes CityBike is available. In the center of the capital there are 26 coolants, where anyone can rent a bike on bail €2.

Car rent

There is another alternative — Travel on auto yourself. To do this, make a rental, while having a driver’s license of an international sample. Age limits: 18+ (many car rental companies introduce their requirements — from 21 years or even from 25 years old).

In Finland, there is an unusual rule: if the car is parked in a dark place, you should leave the headlights included. Parking advise at least 5 meters from intersections or pedestrian crossings.

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