Finland goes to steam locomotives

Do you know that in Finland exists with a dozen acting steam locomotives? Some of them run on the railways of the country in the summer, and on them, as in modern trains, anyone can move between cities. At the request of our readers, we wanted to make a simple report about the Finland railway, but met a real steam locomotive! However, about everything in order.

We are closely following the Finnish railway life, especially behind the train message between Russia and Finland, as it is very interesting to our readers. At one time, we made a report about the currently canow in the summer "Sibelius". Remember, it chased this between St. Petersburg and Helsinki? Also we did a report about the high-speed train "Allegro" In the first days of its launch. In the future, we often asked to make a photo report about the simple Finnish railway. In one day, we went to make such a report in the city of Kouvola – a large railway station of Finland.

Here they are the electric unit of the Finnish railway against the background of the ancient station g. Kovoila.

Two-storey wagons for a long time in Finland.

These are simple green trains.

Finland Railways (VR) transport painted into branded green.

At the stations and the districts of the stations pure and safely!

We do not know what it is – not experts, but it looks cool!

Few people know that most of the locomotives of Finland – Soviet production!

In general, we enthusiastically photographed the details, how suddenly.

. somewhere there was a strange sound "Chuh-Chuh-Chukhhh". This is a steam locomotive!

It was not believed to believe! Real steam!

From the movie "Back to the Future", just drowered from nowhere like from the past. Cool feeling!

How, as if smiling over the surprise of people, looked at the engineers of the locomotive.

Naturally, people immediately came up and began to photograph the wonder from all angles.

What is the picture? The locomotive is not seen?

This is rarely seeing!

And how interesting to children. The locomotive is not somewhere on the pedestal, but directly came alive!

No photo will not give that feeling what you feel, being close to the real locomotive!

Wow, yes, it is also a speed of 110 km / h can develop. On the locomotive and with the breeze in Finland – it is now real!

Surprisingly and interesting to look at the details of the outdated vehicle.

On the plate warn not to get closed on the roof, otherwise it is possible to forget the driver of such a train, which is at the top of the line with high voltage for modern trains.

The sign hangs for no accident, because the driver often inspects such a train. To such things, the attitude is particularly careful!

And then a small driver seemed like a real driver, he dressed in the form of a railway worker.

Boy with knowledge of the case performs his part of the work, inspecting the locomotive. Who knows, maybe only such steam locomotives in a dozen years and will act. Knowledge Boy can be very and very useful!

Finnov has a good national trait – they always try to be ready for any situation, whether it is war or man-made collapse. History teaches. Learn, boy learning.

The locomotive is cool!

Finland goes to steam locomotives

Yes, there are also the trailers see.

A little clustered, but this is a corrected business, you can paint. The main thing is that the locomotive on the go!

Everything, as it should be, Inspection of every car.

Two epochs on one per view! What cooler? Time will show!

Workers in the Finnish railway are also interesting, they are also filming.

But the most interesting to the whole children, of course 🙂

Inspection has passed, you can have a snack on the track.

"It’s time to go", – looks at the watch worker. Because the modern train on schedule must come.

Pshshshsh. Finns are all exactly!

Chuch. Chuch. Chuch. The locomotive contemptuously spun black smoke on the wires unnecessary to him and moved from the spot.

Blades easily started twist big wheels.

And only in the next branch stood, picing pantographs, humiliated to the locomotive, red from the shame of Electrovoz.

These things are happening in Finland, and the locomotives can be found here more and more!

By the way, in Finland, the train is easily accessible, and there you can already find the locomotive. Who is interested, can contact, such a train can even rent 🙂

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