Finland: from seals with tar before the night in Blood Bear

Amazing nearby: Finnish cuisine is original and tasty, the design of Scandinavians (and Finns!) – traditionally the strong side, well, and the Finnish nature, which is holing and cherished, out of competition! We are talking about non-trivial leisure activities in the lake edge.

Take a night in Berlog

Finns like an equally love to the pristine game and Haytec, progress and prerequisite natural loosening. (More on the fact that the Finn is good, but the our does not understand, – in our thematic material). Both happily adjacent in Nuksio National Park. Anything on the car or bus from Helsinki, and here you are 50 km² deaf, but at the same time quite undergoing forest (there are skiing, hiking, cycling and horse robes, as well as children’s and wheelchair disabled). The main local inhabitants are extremely located to the tourists of deer.

Immediately the museum, the largest wooden building in Finland, polished by interactive objects: from Pelevinskaya in the spirit of exposure "Two Swan-Clikun play in chess" to a dark room, hitting which you have the opportunity to feel yourself sitting in the nest of a bird looking out of the vapla In the beautiful, wild and dangerous world. If you come to Nuksio for a couple of days, how the inhabitants of the capital are usually made, you can try the option "Sneaken in Blood Blood" option. Well, or stay at a more conservative hotel version. Plus, it is clear to get into the classic Finnish bath with an equally current subsequent diving in the lake. Good!

Buy aauto vase

We will continue about the merger of classics and modernity in Finnish. Perhaps the main symbol – Vase Aalto (the second name – "Savoy"), created in 1936 by architect and designer Alvar Aalto. According to one version, he came up with her, looking at the folds of the leather skirts of female Sámi. According to another (on which the wife of the artist Aino insisted on the artist), the wavy design of the vase is inspired by the outlines of the lake. It looks trendy and at the same time it is classically. Fitting on the eyes ("Savoy" of all configurations is sold in any self-respecting designer store), practically hypnotizes and deprives will. You can fill in "Savoy" with almost all, from flowers and fruits to drinks and books. Buy – in the metropolitan design quarter, where temptation and common sense will converge in a fight on any corner.

Go to the village of Dreams

Alteration of its industrial facilities under cultural spaces – a global chip (see. Moscow "Red October"). But Finnish Fiscars – a special case. First, it is not located in a megalopolis, and relatively far from Helsinki – an hour ride by car. Secondly, it is natural, the village of Masters, who live here, work and sell their products. The local cast iron plant was closed in the 1980s due to technical backwardness. The village where workers lived, slowly died, while her, united in the cooperative, did not settled urban: designers, potters, jewelers and other craftsmen.

At first, artisans substantiated in the houses (not too expressive, but pleasant, as 99% of the Finnish typical architecture) is hardly free. And in general everything was modest and easily. But over time, Fiscars Zamaltell, turned into a major cultural center and a place of concerts, exhibitions, fairs and various festivals. However, with all the popularity of tourists (for you – hotels, restaurants, pedestrian and cyclers) The place manages to remain pastoral rural deaf.

Come on shopping and take a walk here, it is clear, more logical in season. But the visit of the marginal early spring has its own charm. Most shops are closed, and in general a little. Stitches tracks, groves, ponds and creek. Thoughtfully fit on the shore Vasnetsovskaya Alyonushka for calibration turns out to be a local resident. Combat clothes, a glorious person, however, it is clear that the lady’s long nightsons are not averse to miss a glass-other. Such glorious persons and skillful hands are fully in the extinct our villages for whom Fiscars, where and the case time, and fun hour could become a role model.

Eat Carialapirakka

Tacticity has never been a strong venue of the former Italian premiere of Berlusconi. But in 2005 he especially distinguished himself, offensing a whole nation. Being in Helsinki with an official visit, he called the Finnish cuisine terrible. (About other diplomatic scandals of the world, read in our article "An uncomfortable position".) Local at first indignant, and then realized that Silvio simply do not know how the Finns are able to cook. It yourself is guilty: in centuries, they mostly spruce at home and did not pay special attention to restaurants and gastronomic needs of tourists.

As a result, thanks to the political rudeness in the cities for the years, restaurant business was blooming. Ensure that, rebuilding in the restaurant "Savotta", which is at the main metropolitan street Alexandankatu, exactly opposite the Cathedral. The deliberate modesty of interiors (stylized prolel) and the proletarian spirit of the titles ("Savotta" translates as "factory", and the menu is the dishes of the "spray snack" type) deceptive. Only a secured spiner can be allowed to buy regularly in Savotte. But you’re a tourist, so why not to go. Not only expensive here (even in Helsinki standards), but also very, very tasty.

Among the hits – creamy soup from venison and deer, for example, language. But in general, everything is fine, including the carialindiraca (translated – "Karelian pie"), baking with rice, one of the pillars of Ugric cuisine. If Salo Soup Lochikatetto is a poem, then the carialapirakka – sonnet. Finns famously rhymes a variety of ingredients, almost everywhere introducing berries and preparing mushroom pate such a manner that he is not distinguished from fish, and vice versa. Are proud (reasonable) to their slightly straly creamy butter, insisting that it is possible to fry only and solely on it. In response to theses that on sunflower or olive goes cheaper, they are boring. But they are enlivened, if you recognize that the ice cream submitted on the dessert is beautiful – and it really does.

Make a proposal of hands and hearts

About the castle of Redebhorg can not say that it seems to be from the screensaver disney. Neither the steadfasts, nor a special grace, only some kind of Scandinavian pragmatic impurity. Based on huge smooth boulders – at the end of the XIV century, when they built a castle, the sea splashed around. At first, Redebhorg served to protect trade routes. Subsequently – the Center for Administration. In our time in the courtyard and the surroundings are held at costumed shows and performances.

Finland from seals with tar before the night in Blood Bear

As well as weddings. If during the trip in Finland, you suddenly light up the idea to offer a girl and heart, it is logical to do it here. Not too romantic Eborga’s texture compensates for a love story. In the middle of the XV century, King Charles Viii missed the castle in the next link (the owner of the lava rouse and living, he managed to fix Sweden and Norway and was repeatedly expelled). And so I fell in love with Kristina, the governor’s daughter, but in monarchical standards almost a versatility. Royal relatives, naturally, hipely hiped, but lovers were happy and passed two kids. Ten years later, they finally signed officially, half a year old Karl died, and Christina deprived of all dynastic rights. However, this part of the girl’s history can not be told. (In continuation of the topic – a review, where we collected the stories of those monarchs that the crown lost for love. And lived long and happily.)

Drinking Finnish whiskey

In the summer in Finland, well, and in the cool seasons – practically as we. That is, the view outside the window has melancholy. They treated her Finns so intensively that in the 10th of the last century the authorities introduced a dry law. Like all such precedents in world history, the idea turned into a failure: the law lasted until the beginning of the 1930s, and then the state introduced a monopoly on the sale of alcohol. Strong drinks are sold at prices Something on a third above the Middle Eastern and Not Last, in specialized supermarkets.

State monopoly applies to trade, but not for production: private distillery – one of the latest trends of small and medium national business. In addition to the usual aquavit, berry vodka and Gina, recently gains momentum production of local whiskey. It is still the "Finnish whiskey" sounds like a joke, let and busy. But those who have passed the internship in Scotland and Ireland, Vinokura, impressive men seem to this moment with the filming of the TV series "Vikings", assure that world recognition of the drink is a business of the coming years. It is believed because the whiskey is not afraid.

Swim on ferry

Baltic countries and peoples, like happy families, look like each other. But there is, as they say in one classic film, and small differences. Finns generally pretty phlegmatic, Swedes – sociability. Estonians – in many ways are still our. Briefly get acquainted with Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn allow regular rowing between cities cruise ferries Viking Line. Serving, let’s say, from Finland today, the night is floating, the day is walking around the Swedish capital, and in the evening back.

Finns, Swedes, Estonians (as well as in the impressive number of our compatriots) appreciate the ferries not only as a means of movement – although they are comfortable and pitching is minimal even in bad weather. Not only as a matter of luxury (prices for the mentioned three-day Cruise Helsinki – Stockholm – from € 52). Not only as an opportunity to eat extremely delicious and drink (several restaurants, including a brilliant and democratic buffet, kitchens for every taste), changing the dance floors, bother the night. Night or until the morning to be stored for slot machines (in case of loss, console yourself with all the means Go to charity). And not even exclusively for the spacious Duty Friend, which is difficult to leave, without bought a couple of circles of wonderful brie cheese on € 7.5 per kg.

The main thing that needs to be done on a ferry-free from the country is to go to the top deck, under the starry sky, merging with the Black Sea, to make sure how is huge, beautiful and one of the world and how funny border-drawn borders – "Classics", illusion and trifle. The feeling goes to the shore, and the casual reality covers anew, but thanks to this.

Thank you for your help in preparing the material company Viking Line.

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