Finland currency: personal experience

In Europe, there is exactly the same VAT as we have. Only% rate varies depending on the country. And if you export things outside the country, then the VAT is returned to you. And% refund depends on the amount of the check. It is very important.

It is better to have one overall check for 300 euros than 3 checks for 100 euros each. % refund will be different in these cases. Details for curious here: http: // RU.Wikipedia.ORG / WIKI / TAX FREE

Practically it looks like. In the store you like, you ask – can they arrange a check Tax Free. Then you make a purchase and ask for this very check. It is made separately. At the same time, they ask for your Zanrapasport and enter your data into the check.

And give you a purchase and this check. Specifically, in Finland, a package with a purchase is tightened by a special ribbon for Tax Free and this package then you need to show when crossing the border. T.E. Use bought things immediately will not work. This is not very convenient.

Next, on the border crossing there is a special stall, where, upon presentation of sealed packages and checks, you can get money in cash. But it works only in day and evening. Night does not work.

Shopping in Turku with children

And now, finally, goodbye Naantali. We load on the bus and go to Turku. On the daily tradition of all those wishing to be sent to the center of Turku, on the retail space (in Finnish: Koopattori), and the remaining ride at the hotel. The Nesterov family, having consisted, decided that it would be time to spend on Christmas sales. And here a few words about shopping. I will say right away that in the stories somewhere on the outskirts of the Turku there is some kind of giant accumulation of warehouses and shops, which and not bypass for a week, but we did not know this question. Because we were immediately warned – the price difference is not fundamental, but you will leave there in the urine. Therefore, in my opinion, the optimal option is large shopping centers. There are several of them in Turku: Hansa, omnipresent Sokos with Stockmann-Ohm, Anttila (optimal, in our opinion, ratio of price and quality, the main array of our production – from there). These four centers are within walking distance of retail space, locally "Arbat" – Pedestrian street, traditionally deactive to Christmas.

In the recently renovated Skanssi (next to this large shopping center – a beautiful children’s park, however, it works only in the summer) will have to go by bus. But it makes sense only if you, like us, will go to the city on the sale of sales, when the maternity finns and predatory compatriots have already been preceded from the shelves the desired range, Rostovka and sizes. Then located on the raids Skanssi may be useful, at least we have all the missing thing there.

Finland Currency Personal Experience

Although mining. Having a gang of two unacceptments, we naturally did not plan any large-scale shopping. We had a goal – to buy them "Reima". The first overalls of this brand, I bought them in the not yet walking age, almost by chance, on the first trip to Suomi. Impressions from this winter clothes were so ambitious that since then nothing is worn in winter in the winter, but "Reima" We produce every year by all truths and inconsisions. Mined and this time, traditionally – twice as cheaper than in Russia, but, to be honest, he is a little confused by the fact that even in Finland bought in Finland "Reim" Already bangs badge "Made in China".

VAT Return at Helsinki Airport

I flew from the second Terminal of Helsinki Airport. As soon as you enter the building of the airport, then in the hall you can immediately notice the cabin with the inscription "Tes refund", in which TAX Free cashing is performed. That is, it is possible to cash out, I would even say, you need to perform even before you pass the luggage and register.

The whole procedure for receiving money takes a couple of minutes. Subscribe to the rack and give a passport with checks on the purchase and discharge of Tax Free. In one of my statements, the amount to return was 1 euro less than it should be. That is, the saleswoman, when there was a calculation of Tax, slightly mistaken wrong in my direction. So the employee noticed this, he himself corrected the mistake and showed me 🙂 It was very nice. Then he counted the number of packages and, despite the fact that part of the packages with purchases was already hidden in the bag, he said "OK" and issued money in cash. The integrity of the seal and packages did not specifically check.

Finland Currency Personal Experience

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