Finland – country of winter safari on deer and dog sledding

So winter has come. For many of us, a new season has opened active winter views. Skates, Sledge, Ski. Snowmen and Snow Fortresses. All this is definitely wonderful. But personally, I dream ever ride through the snow-covered fields not skiing, but in dog or deer sledding.

I remember when I looked at movies "White captivity", "Snowdalls" and "Call of wildlife" caught up with this idea incurable. Now it’s my dream. But really in order to implement it, you must certainly fly to the Northern or South Pole? Not at all. There are options and closer. The most optimal of them is our neighbor at the Finnish bay – Finland.

Cozy country with a funny language and many ecotouristic resorts. Let’s talk about today, and a lot, actually, in Finland has a stubborn?

Do not doubt: so much that is enough for everyone!

Let’s start with the fact that there are always people who love modern winter sports. Ski, snowboard and t.D. And I, by the way, among them.

Many do not mind ride and snowmobile.

However, there are not so many people who, at the sight of such beauty, will not want to join something ancient and living. I will not tell you about unity with nature and other things that are difficult to describe in words. It either feel or not.

For most tourists, the magic fairy tale is not a snowmobile, but a decay of deer. Some Associations are noticed here – Santa Claus, if you remember, goes on a deer sledding.

In short, fly here, Magic Seekers and Real Winter Romance!))

Popularity of all riding on sleds, of course, in the north of the country, which is included in Lapland – the homeland of Santa. Here, any resort without any questions will offer you some tour on dog or deer harness: at least 2 hours, at least a few days.

Look, they are already waiting for their Cayer. Maybe it’s you?=)

Imagine how many impressions will you give a 7-day mileage on a dog sledding! Usually the route stretches along the our border, running deep into the Finnish forests.

In the central part of Finland, the resort Chemos is ready for 25 euros per person to provide you with a 2-hour trip to the frozen lake. If you pay extra, you will also provide tea party and lunch, and perhaps and ride around Rantapirtti in the vicinity.

Very interesting tours are offered in Rovaniemi and Ivalo. Typically travels make up a few days with stages of 30-40 km.

But if you want landscapes more highly, keep the way to Moroo, where you can check in the mountainous part of Lapland (Pallas-Ounastunturi National Park). True, this option is for real extreme. You will have to prepare the place yourself for the night and food, driving dogs and feed them.

The longest tour on dog sledding – approximately 200 km. It lasts a week. In the interruptions, tourists live in wooden huts. By the way, the requirements are the same everywhere: as far as possible hand-made.

Dogs in one harness usually from 4 to 6, do not need to create additional loads.

Finland - country of winter safari on deer and dog sledding

Now let’s talk about deer sledding. Here he is handsome:

Dogs for us are still more familiar than deer. If you take with you children, they will be delighted with living "Transportation" Santa =))

Most of all hardened deer in Lapland, breeds their reindeer farm "Myself".

Here they are seriously suitable: you will be told on the Lasso deer to separate it from the herd, to drive the flock into the pen, care for the animals T.D.

If we cope. Get "Reindeer Management License". In my opinion, an interesting idea))

By the way, S├ími – the indigenous residents of Lapland (they are now about 5 thousand ever) and now moving on deer.

Among the resorts offering such trips – Levi, Hand, Vuokatti and Yullas. Language break.

Look, what beauty:

I am sure that even an adult man who does not believe in a fairy tale, nor in magic, would be happy to plunge into this atmosphere.

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