Finland – Country of Christmas Fairy Tale

This northern country is famous for the whole world with its untouched nature, dense forests and picturesque fjords. Tourists on morals here and ski holidays, and hiking, and the famous Finnish sauna. But most of all people from all over the world entails Lapland here – the country of children’s dreams and the official place of residence of Santa Claus himself. Picturesque villages in which almost all houses from the profiled bar are even more attached to this area a view of the fabulous kingdom.

Country of deer and northern lights

Lapland is located at the polar circle itself, so everything has a prefix "Northern" – deer, residents, entertainment and famous shine. Everyone who comes to Lapland receives just the whirlwind of unforgettable emotions. Yes, and there is from what to be delighted, because it is a magnificent primitive nature with impassable thickets and embossed mountains, and a huge number of rivers and lakes, and crystal clear air. Here are soft and very snowy winter, and the snow resembles a thick cotton blanket, passing everything around to the spring to protect the earth and all living on it. Lapland is a real snow paradise, even local houses made of dry profiled timber, covered with white snow caps, with a thin stream of smoke over the roof cause a storm of delight among each tourist.

Finland - Country of Christmas Fairy Tale

Winter temperatures here can drop to -50 C, and the sun does not appear in winter for a long time, but we like it mostly. Special delight causes northern lights iridescent. Romance and those who are tired of urban bustle. Cozy hotels, baths, spa and saunas are able to give an infinite feeling of bliss. For children, the Winter holidays in Lapland – the real Christmas adventure that remains in their memory forever.

Do not part with this northern fairy tale will help the house from the profiled bar, which is possible after arriving from the journey, equipping it in Finnish traditions and, perhaps, the next Christmas Santa Claus will come to visit you.

Finland - Country of Christmas Fairy Tale

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