Finland. Canyon Oulana. Silent people. First deer. Scandinavian not / melancholy. Part 3.

Travel by car in Finland enters the active phase. Today — The first full day spent from dawn to sunset in the country of endless lakes and forests. I have another big jerk north in the direction of Cape Northskap — Almost 700 kilometers.

At the same time, I have time to be in the Finnish wilderness, in a strange and frightening place with dozens of silent figures of people a la zombie, get confused a little and understand the device of Finnish gas stations, meet the first deer, ride there – back to the road under construction to the Owulan National Park and At sunset go to 1.5-hour Trekking to look at the Canyon. I finish the day already in Lapland 4-hour march to Ivalo on dark, empty and narrow Finnish roads, for which wild animals from hares to deer…

Finland. Canyon Oulana. Silent people. First deer. Scandinavian Nemloanholia. Part 3.

See this video:

– Morning in Camping in Ristiyatiyarvi: Cleaning and walking to Lake Ilyarvi
– Filling in Finland: how to use automatic gas station
– Quiet People Reio Kela in Finnish Province Suomussalmi
– First meeting with deer
– Road Repair in Visit Center National Park Owlans
– Oulan Canyon: Trekking at sunset. I’ll have time to return to darkness?
– The intersection of the polar circle and the night raid in Lapland in Ivalo
– Wild animals jump on the road. Nor zgi is not visible.
– Arrival in Camping in Ivalo

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